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‘Security Moms’ Are Back—and That’s Bad News for Democrats

In a time of national anxiety, women voters are again turning to Republicans to protect the country.

(The Atlantic) – Suddenly, it feels like 2002. Democrats got creamed in midterm elections that year because the women voters they had relied on throughout the Clinton years deserted them. In 2000, women favored Democratic congressional candidates by nine points. In 2002, that advantage disappeared entirely. The biggest reason: 9/11. In polls that year, according to Gallup, women consistently expressed more fear of terrorism that men. And that fear pushed them toward the GOP, which they trusted far more to keep the nation safe. As then-Senator Joe Biden declared after his party’s midterm shellacking, “soccer moms are security moms now.”


Can you imagine how much “Security” moms would be galvanized in event of another major (especially domestic) terror attack?

It would be a historic drubbing for Barack Obama’s friends.

One thought on ““Security” moms spell trouble for Obama’s friends”
  1. Democrats should get creamed in every election, all the time, in perpetuity.

    Democrats are poison. They are ‘progressive’. They are anti-American. They have no place in our society. States should bar Democrats from moving there, and bringing their deleterious voting patterns with them. They are ruining good states by their migration.

    Democrats must go away. Permanently.

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