In the wake of the Newtown massacre, some governors muscled through strict new gun control laws, including some laws that actually banned America’s favorite rifle and many more similar guns.

Certain governors were cocksure that the public supported their new gun control laws, which did nothing to stop people willing to murder from illegally obtaining a firearm.

These governors are feeling the wrath of their angry constituents today.

In Connecticut, where the Newtown massacre was felt most closely, Democrat Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is struggling mightily.  In a state where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly two to one, Malloy is polling behind his relatively pro-gun Republican challenger by 6 points.

In Colorado, where Governor John “Hick” Hickenlooper signed bills outlawing magazines and black guns, it’s even more pronounced.  Hick won the governor’s mansion by a whopping forty percentage points over his Republican challenger.  This year, the gun-ban loving Democrat is ten points down on the Republican candidate for governor – a FIFTY point swing.

Can you say ‘pissed off gun owners’?

It’s going to be a bloodbath for Colorado Democrats who voted to pass that gun ban bill and we expect the first order of business in 2015 will be to rescind that bill.

And then there’s Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley.  He signed gun control legislation after the Newtown massacre.  Marty has presidential aspirations.  Fortunately for us, he doesn’t need to pack his backs to move to the White House as almost no Americans want him to lead our nation.   At least twice as many people believe lizard people run our government as would vote for Martin O’Malley.

Even worse for Maryland’s embattled governor, more Democrats would “not vote” over voting for him.

That’s quite a ringing endorsement right there.

With decisions come consequences, as some of America’s biggest gun-grabbing governors are discovering.

11 thoughts on “GUN OWNER PUSHBACK: Gun-grabbing hobbles governors”
  1. This completely saddens me to hear this.

    I only wish our would-be gun banner Pat Quinn was ten points down here in IL.

    We will need at least four or five to overcome the voter fraud sure to happen again this time!


  2. I’m looking forward to watching these stupid, arrogant would-be overlords pay the price for governing against the will of the people and violating their oath of office. Their political careers are over.

    I know this won’t discourage Bloomberg. But, it will become a lot harder for him to buy elections. Even corrupt politicians understand there are certain things they cannot do if they want to keep their careers.

    The second amendment and gun rights need to become the new “third rail” of politics. Every politician who tries to take away or limit our right to keep and bear arms must be be removed from office.

  3. Rauner was leading significantly in polls until recently… I think the pollsters realized they forgot to count all the dead in Chicago who will vote Democrat and began adding to Quinn’s totals to account for it.

  4. Do the dead always have to vote Democrat? Why can’t good conservative politicians reach out to the dead like the Democrats do?

  5. And what makes anyone think Mr. Rauner will be any different than Mr. Quinn when it comes to gun rights. Personally, I think he is a gun grabber hiding behind hunting and hunters. He has left open the possibility of supporting a “high capacity” (more accurately described as a standard capacity) magazine ban and a ban on the AR-15 platform and other “ugly guns.” Mr. Rauner was also the only Republican candidate for Governor that did not show up to IGOLD. I do not believe he is a friend to Gun Rights and he should be watched closely…

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