Remember this douchebag?

We didn’t either, but he’s an Ohio school spree killer who killed three fellow students a few years ago.

A truly sick little scumbag.

On the day this photo was taken, he turned to the families of those he killed and told them (paraphrased)…  “See this hand?  It masturbates to the memory of killing your loved ones.  F*** You.”

Yeah, he’s a nice guy.  We’re not going to print his name, because he doesn’t deserve the notoriety.

He and another murderer broke out of prison in Lima, Ohio last night at about 7pm.

He was captured by a couple of SWAT team members in a wooded/residential area less than a mile from the prison.

He was armed with a pitchfork.

Talk about an opportunity missed.

If he lives to 80, the reprobate will cost Ohio taxpayers 1.4 million to house.


3 thoughts on “OPPORTUNITY LOST: School spree killer escaped prison in Ohio. Sadly was recaptured.”
  1. Would hesitate to waste the ammo on him in Ohio, being that they’re the only state that requires and affirmative defense for self-defense shootings, meaning they’re more likely to prosecute and more likely to win. Yikes. But if he twisted my arm…

  2. SWAT wouldn’t hesitate to destroy a law abiding concealed carrier, but this POS gets to continue to breathe! Great job my brothers in arms! Me on the other hand, if I would have been on that detail, I can assure you he would have met his demise! Stop, put the pitch fork (BANG) down! 🙂

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