We bring you a story with an almost-perfect ending from Crystal Lake, Illinois, a suburb of crime-plagued Chicago.

In short, a mother confronted her daughter’s violent ex-boyfriend after he and an 18-year-old homeless pal broke into their home.

Mom, armed with an “ain’t that cute” gun – a .25 auto – told the hoodlums to leave.

“Ain’t that cute” guns are guns that bad guys describe as “ain’t that cute”.  For the record, we recommend beefier guns that bad guys describe as “Oh ****!” guns.

Not only did Brandon Mendez, 19, the ex-boyfriend not leave, he decided he was going to advance on the mom.

She shot him.

McHenry County law enforcement responded and took both hoodlums into custody.

The mother had no FOID card, but she had sent off an application for one.  The State’s Attorney decided not to charge her with possession of a firearm without a FOID card.

Cops praised the woman for her courage.

(Chicago Tribune) – Based on preliminary findings, Undersheriff Andrew Zinke said the woman apparently did not have a firearm owner’s ID card for the weapon, a recent gift, but had applied for one.

“At this point I don’t see any criminal charges against her,” Zinke said. “She had done the right thing. She called police. She was protecting her children. She did what she had to do to protect herself.

“She’s a very courageous woman,” Zinke added. “Not many people would take those steps.”


6 thoughts on “ARMED ILLINOISAN: Crystal Lake mom pops a cap in daughters violent ex-boyfriend”
    1. Actually, much of Illinois is Republican. They just get outvoted by the Democrats and the dead people in Cook County and Chicago.

      If she’d been in Cook, you can bet Anita Alvarez’ office would have thrown the book at her.

  1. 25 is nice. to bad it wasn’t a 45. The part where the police took them into custody could have been eliminated, and saved a lot of tax money.

  2. Crystal Lake is in McHenry county. It was the only county of Illinois’s 102 counties to vote for Hoover in 1932. They are very nasty when it comes to serious crime. It is a Republican stronghold. Also the highest rate of concealed carry in the state.

  3. Now this is a REAL mom taking action, not demanding it. Shannon Watts MDA stooge moms wouldn’t have a chance with these bad guys and they want moms everywhere to be a victim.

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