Shannon Watts, aka Shannon Troughton, President and owner of of VoxPop Public Relations, a boutique liberal PR firm, and her sugar daddy Michael Bloomberg are on a mission to pressure Kroger to ban guns on their premises nationwide.

Unfortunately, crime happens on Kroger property.

Even in the very gun-friendly state of Indiana.  As many of you are aware, committing violent crimes in Indiana just isn’t smart.  With about one in ten adults possessing a concealed carry license, and the great majority of them carrying on a pretty regular basis, it’s a pretty dangerous environment for thugs.

Such is the case for one hoodlum who was especially dim-witted and not so bulletproof.

He decided to pull an armed robbery at an ATM machine in a Kroger parking lot in Indianapolis – right across the street from a police headquarters building.  During roll call.  Like we said, he was never the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The victim didn’t cotton to being held up and pulled out his own and began firing.

A neighbor reported a dozen gunshots and police ran from their district headquarters to the scene, securing the dead perp and the victim of the robbery.

They found a gun next to the perp and classified the incident as an attempted robbery.