We’re not sure if “Peacemaker” refers to his heater or what. The irony is rich. We didn’t bother telling him that he was printing.



Chicago’s activist Catholic Priest, Father Michael Pfleger was on hand at Saturday’s Brady Campaign Rally against America’s gun stores in Riverdale, IL.  Pfleger is gun civil rights what Bull Connor was to racial civil rights in the 1960s.

It wasn’t that many years ago that the Chicago Catholic Priest called on the owner of Chuck’s Guns, John Riggio, to be “snuffed out” – using the lingo of his parishioners.  Pfleger also called for legislators voting against gun control to be snuffed out as well.

Pfleger didn’t call for anyone to be snuffed out this year, but he did enjoy the protection of three armed bodyguards.

That’s right, the guy who has spend his life working against Americans’ God-given rights to keep and bear arms and self-defense has good guys with guns protecting him.

How did we know?

There were one hundred gun owners present, many – if not most there – had concealed carry licenses and/or were firearms trainers.  We know “printing” (an outline of a gun seen through clothing when a concealed carrier moves about in daily life) when we see it.  Photographs show examples of printing among Pfleger’s bodyguards.

Isn’t their something horribly ironic about Pfleger availing himself to armed bodyguards?

Clearly Pfleger realizes the value of a good guy having a gun.  Why doesn’t he want this for members of his flock?  Why does he continually advocate for them to disarm when there are wolves in their neighborhoods?


Pfleger, right, and his lead bodyguard.
Another of lead bodyguard, left, and Pfleger.


Close up of the top photo.



9 thoughts on “RANK HYPOCRISY: Father Pfleger comes to gun control rally with armed bodyguards”
  1. Is it just coinceidence or ? …BG#1, BG#2` and BG#3, ….is that for BodyGuard or BadGuy? Well, in my opinion, they are not GoodGuys if they are protecting someone that is trying to destroy our God given Constitutional Rights.

  2. ^^^ Body Guard.

    I’ve got a few thoughts about this priest, and none of them are all that complimentary.

    He’s a disgrace, in my opinion, to the Catholic Church, and not a lot better than the race hustling Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. They are cut from the same cloth, literally.


  3. Father P. looks a little like Lenny (or was that Squiggy) from Laverne and Shirley.

    Silly people who think they are above everyone else.

  4. The people of Riverdale should be angry that all these police officers have been assigned ( at taxpayer expense ) to babysit the washed up has been Brady Bunch fiasco parade featuring Fr. Jerkoff.

  5. These bodyguards need a little more PSD Training. Try blending in a little bit better next time fellas. You stick out really bad. Plus, the printing? C’Mon…….

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest…..

  6. Comon. Preacher Flaker. Preach the gospel. I am not sure you can , but you sure can not stop law abiding people from protecting themselves. Because the law says we can but then you wouldn’t know about that either would you. ???

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