The NRA has launched a broad-based values-themed publicity campaign, reaching out beyond simple gun rights messages to cast NRA members as the “good guys” in an effort to appeal to large, new segments of the population.

It’s stuff like this which leaves Michael Bloomberg filling his shoe with urine.

The gun haters in America must have been thinking the NRA would be asleep at the wheel after Bloomberg announced his $50 million pledge to fund programs to try to recreate past tyrannies.  Boy, were they wrong.

The Washington Times reported on the new promotion:

The National Rifle Association has unleashed a multimillion-dollar TV advertising campaign that its longtime leader says is aimed at messaging beyond gun rights and reaching middle-class mothers, minorities and other Americans “who believe our country is off the rails.”

The gun lobby’s campaign, launched in the last 10 days, uncharacteristically delves into issues far beyond the Second Amendment to explore the IRS scandal, media elitism and security vulnerabilities, with a call to return “good guys” to power.

Here’s a sample or two. Fair warning, there’s about a dozen and they autoplay one right after another.


Good Guys:


Media Dishonesty:

12 thoughts on “NRA STEPS IT UP: New “values war” campaign series released”
  1. Its about time the NRA started promoting liberty as something more than reasonable gun control laws.

  2. This is a winning issue that resonates with most Americans, crossing racial, political and economic lines. Why aren’t the Republicans running on this?

    1. because a lot of Republicans are also big Progressives, who don’t want to limit or roll back big government, they just want to be the ones controlling it.
      John McCain and Ted Cruz might have the same “R” after their names, but there’s a world of difference in their concepts of how government should work.
      The Republican National Committee is a good example of a closet Progressive organization.. they won’t be working to repeal Obamacare, or lower taxes (other than maybe a token amount), or reduce the size of government, or reduce political corruption (see the Mississippi primary for a good example of that).

    2. I thought the same thing. This message will hit home for many, many people. These are a powerful message. Let alone politics, our country needs this more than ever.

  3. I agree with DM; Why aren’t the republicans running on this!

    I applaud the NRA for what they are doing, I just hope they keep it up and stop compromising

    1. Cuz pubbies are just like dems and the NRA and all other special interest groups – they thrive on NOT solving issues so they have them for the next round of campaigning ( money laundering).

      Sad, but true.

  4. This is NRA handing money right to the likes of MSNBC and paying Rachel Maddows paycheck. Right sentiment – especially APPEARING to abandon the “single issue” excuse but members ought consider the fact that their dues money is now directly funding those who would eliminate all private gun ownership.

    Blunt truth hurts sometimes.

    1. Take your conspiracy-theory, trash talk elsewhere. Next thing you’ll be telling us how the American government orchestrated 9-11.


    2. The govt IS innocent till proven guilty……..
      What do we do with all this circumstantial evidence?

    3. What is conspiracy theory?
      The NRA is PAYING to run these commercials. That’s a fact. Those monies are then used to spout endless anti rights propaganda. That’s a demonstrated fact too. In days past, the NRA would give money to folks like Harry Reid. That’s a fact too.

      Sam, I present you facts. You are the one retorting with ridiculous theory. Instead of lashing out pathetically in response to uncomfortable facts, his about accepting the truth of the matter?

      Starve the beasts, Sam. Most ESPECIALLY the corrupt “mainstream media”! Don’t FUND them to the tune of MILLIONS!

      Rather than pay them for commercial time – have spokesmen openly challenge every show on those networks to bring them on and have a chat! Make THEM fund the airtime!!! See it yet?

    4. Let me get this right… Your argument is that running commercials on network TV is putting money in the pockets of anti-gunners? What are we supposed to do – just shut up and not say anything?

      You’ve got to make your case and win the argument before you can start winning elections. If you want to change the direction of our culture, you need to convinvce people.

      How do you propose to do that without putting things out there on social media and buying commercial time?

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