Ah, the tolerance of diversity reigns supreme among leftist liberals.

Oh wait, there’s only tolerance of those they agree with.  The rest of us?

You’re not fit to have children and you should be pre-emptively interned in concentration camps.

Can you spell BIGOT?

That’s the word from Tim Wise, the self-described anti-racist author.  No, we’re not linking to this narcissistic leftist’s website – a blog chock full of stuff that brings happy tears to the eyes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest of the race hustler community.

Never heard of the guy myself until now.  But he busts onto the scene with a wonderful screed on Facebook (h/t to The Truth About Guns).

We reprint it here, in all its glory, commenting on the tragic death of the firearms instructor shot by a little girl shooting a full-auto Uzi.

nope, sorry, not the fault of the instructor…this is the fault of idiotic parents who think there is nothing wrong will letting their 9 year old fire a fucking uzi…if you think your child needs to fire ANY weapon, let alone this one, you are not fit to have children. Your children should be forcibly ripped from your custody, in front of you, while you scream about the 2nd amendment or some such shit. Seriously…this is why gun nuts are worthy of pre-emptive detention. So incredibly sad. This child’s life has been forever altered because her parents thought it was important to teach her how to fire an uzi…because they are idiots. Period.

Ah, the literacy and wordsmithing from an educator is astounding.  Especially how he so deftly uses profanity to get his point across.  Maybe that’s what they are teaching in today’s schools.

Tim Wise is truly God’s gift to humanity.

If Tim’s got any spare time, we think he might make a good pitch-man for Summer’s Eve.

5 thoughts on “TEARS OF A CLOWN: “Anti-racist” says gun owners not fit to have children, worthy of pre-emptive detention”
  1. This commie liberal traitor must have some mental illness issues other than liberalism. with anger like that this nut is probably dangerous. he may be trying to get in Bloombergs pants for some of the cash he’s been giving the ” Moms ” leader Streetwalkin’ Shannon.

  2. I’ll have to agree w/Allen……BTW …The 1st admendment goes both ways,like it or not………

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