A good guy with a gun trumps all of the best intentions in the world when it comes to deterring violence or stopping bad people with evil in their hearts.

Chicago’s “prominent South Side” paster Corey Brooks should know that, but some would give him credit for trying the old “wishful thinking” and “good intentions” to slow down the violence expected in Chicago this weekend.  If it’s like the Independence Day weekend, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

Heck, since last Sunday, our pals over at Hey Jackass report the casualty count (as of 8am Saturday) stands at:

Shot & Killed: 13
Shot & Wounded: 57
Total Homicides: 14

* Keep in mind that Chicago police and others are reclassifying homicides as other-than-homicides to keep the homicide numbers down.  For more on this, see this story in Chicago Mag.

Chicago police and others have been “doctoring” homicides to list them as anything but homicides to help politicians escape voter anger / consequences of the rampant criminal violence in Chicago.


Here’s an excerpt of the story about the well-meaning, but naive pastor and his message…

Pastor Asks Gangs To Hold Their Fire Over Labor Day Weekend

(CBS) – Prominent South Side pastor Corey Brooks is calling on Chicagoans — and especially gangbangers — to put down their guns and stop the shooting this Labor Day weekend.

Brooks and promoters Asa Powell and Victor Woods said they talked with gang leaders for three weeks to try to assure a violence-free Labor Day.

“Our hope and our goal is to make sure that this weekend if filled with nothing but peace, celebration and love,” Brooks said during a rally in Pioneer Court, after walking with 125 people from Roosevelt Road and Michigan Avenue to Tribune Tower.


As we wrote in the most recent issue of GunNews:


Good intentions don’t stop criminal violence nearly as well as meaningful action and a gun

(Guns Save Life) – Champaign, IL has seen another uptick in black violence this summer.  The entire community is concerned about the senseless, Chicago-style violence – and especially African-Americans, as one might expect.

Following the mid-day murder of a man back in late July, that man’s funeral turned into an impassioned plea to stop the violence.  Yet afterwards, the predatory violence continued.

On Sunday, August 10th, Champaign’s Douglass Park was the site of a “Saving Our Community: Making a Stand” rally against violence.  Over 100 people turned out.

Twelve hours later, young thugs shot up nearby homes.

Good intentions don’t do a darn thing to stop criminal violence.

Just as an Order of Protection isn’t bulletproof, neither is a good intention.

Taking a meaningful stand against predatory criminals does stop the violence.

First and foremost, a willingness to cooperate with police working to solve violent crime is mandatory and critical.  Identifying evil-doers and not covering for them or making excuses for them must be the norm.

Secondly, an ability to defend and protect your home against those who would do you harm.  This is even more important for those living in lower-income neighborhoods, as that safety rescue tool (gun) might be needed against those seeking retribution for cooperating with police (“snitches get stitches” needs to be replaced with “thugs get slugs”), or just random criminal attack.

A firearm makes the elderly, infirm or the fairer sex equals with the biggest, baddest, toughest thugs out there.

Colt firearms own website cites the old expression, “Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.”

Thirdly, a resolve never to be intimidated through threats of unlawful use of force against you.

Until and unless a community gets on-board with that plan (including the black “community”), then this senseless, Chicago-style violence will continue.

8 thoughts on “LIKE THAT WILL WORK: Chicago Pastor says “Stop Shooting!” Pretty please?”
  1. You know the situation is in the crapper you have to beg for one…single…weekend of peace you know you won’t get.

  2. Might be workin. Criminals have taken the day off w only one shootin and ond dead person since this am…

  3. Asking nicely doesn’t work when dealing with savage animals that have no respect for life, no family values, no concern for their community.

  4. As always, thanks for the link.

    So Pastor Brooks’ plea is unfortunately falling on deaf ears. The weekend has already tallied 4 killed plus another 20 wounded with 2 days to go. Last week racked up the most homicides in a single week with 16 and we’ve broken the half century mark this month in total homicides.

    We’re going to end up with around 300 shot in August and nearly 1,000 shot for the summer.


  5. It’s going to take time to rid society of the existing thugs, gangsters, criminals and bandits before things can settle down!

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