Welcome to Littleton, Colorado.

Home of the police who ten years ago staged outside a high school and let people bleed to death after a pair of low-life human debris shot a whole bunch of people in the school, instead of storming the place immediately.

Thankfully, lessons have been learned nationwide from their poor tactics.

Today, they storm into a business and throw obviously unarmed people to the ground while pointing loaded rifles at them.

They’re almost dressed up enough for battle on the streets of Fallujah – one of them complete with helmet.

Because storming a building full of geeky computer gamers can be really dangerous as a computer software box might fall on one’s head.

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (ABC7) – An online gamer’s video shows the moment armed officers burst into an office in Littleton Wednesday afternoon to investigate a report of an “active shooter.” The report proved to be false, but the investigation caused nearby schools to enact security procedures and businesses to be evacuated.

Officers were searching the office buildings at West Mineral Avenue and Broadway after a report of an active shooter was phoned in but found no evidence of a shooting. They now suspect this was a false report and are searching for the person who used a landline phone to call in the hoax.

“The caller claimed to have shot two co-workers, held others hostage, and threatened to shoot them. He stated that if the officers entered he would shoot them as well,” the Littleton Police Department said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

Here’s the NY Daily News’ description:

Police were on high alert for good reason. An anonymous caller to 911 said he had shot two co-workers and was holding others hostage at gunpoint, cops said in a statement.

“He stated that if the officers entered he would them as well,” police said.

Here’s the video of it happening:

Hello, nitwits.

How about using a little, old-fashioned common sense?  Like sending a couple of squad cars over and knocking on a door.  Police and the media have cited hundreds of cases of “SWATTING” yet nobody ever thinks, “Hey, this call sounds about as legitimate as that email I got saying I won the lottery.”

Oh, but you have to be “careful” and you don’t wanna risk your officers if the call is real?  That makes as much sense that responding to those Nigerian scam emails because someday one might be real.

Just wait until one of these SWATTING incidents ends with a homeowner or occupant killing one or more of the SWAT cops and wounding a few more, thinking they are the victim of a takeover home invasion.

Maybe it’ll happen in Littleton, CO and that city will have the infamous honor of being home to two major police screw ups that have led to nationwide changes in police policy and procedures.

They certainly seem to have enough foul-mouthed, tough-guy SWAT cops in that city it seems.

Furthermore, pointing rifles at law-abiding citizens who are obviously not a threat should be a felony, not common SWAT practice.

9 thoughts on “SWATTING: Video of SWAT storming man’s business after prank call”
  1. It already happened in Texas. The homeowner was charged in that death and put on trial. He was acquitted! His house was swatted in the middle of the night, he grabbed his arms and defended against the home invasion. A jury had some sense for once.

    Get a warrant, do old fashioned police work and either catch the target buying a latte at Starbucks or milk at the grocery store or surround the house they are in and wait them out.

    I think the vast majority agree with a few things. That cops gotta have due armament(just like the Citizenry) that they have a tough job to do and even that busting down down doors is necessary sometimes (kidnapping/ hostage holding as example) but there is another thing we agree upon- that swatting is absolutely out of control (and mostly so based on not only anonymous calls but also this failed war on drugs).

  2. Surprised how easy going this guy is at having guns pointed af him and faceplanted into the ground. I wouldng be so amused.

  3. These cops aimed loaded rifles at this guy, put him on the floor, bound his wrists, patted him down, turned off his camera and then started asking him about the video game? … and he is OK with this treatment? What is wrong with this guy?

  4. Welcome to today’s politary force! Hire PTSD war vets, get PTSD war vet performance! Get use to this, it is only going to get worse! Unless of course we Revolution and put an end to this crap!?! Yeah, didn’t think so! Founding fathers would be so proud of how we let this nation go! Hey Oath Keepers, where are you? *Crickets*!

    1. I really doubt that PTSD Veterans are to blame for this crap and you insinuating that the are is a real cheap shot.
      How dare you connect people that gave their all including the lives of their friends and Brothers in Arms to a bunch of out of control cops.
      99.99% of Veterans do NOT even begin to think about doing anything like this. All of the mass killings have been liberals and no doubt the SWATing is probably coming from some juvenile liberal sitting his mothers basement thinking that it is fun to do this shit or that they could be setting up another crime or terror attack by diverting the attention of the police to this situation instead of yet another attack on the USA.
      Leave your petty jealousies of those that have served out of this discussion, prick…

    2. Hey ThunderPrick, I served in Marines during Desert Storm, there is NO jealousy here idiot! Where did you serve and in what branch? I’ll give you credit that I shouldn’t blanket the PTSD statement, but I have seen many of my fellow brothers go into LE that were a train wreck after getting back from a combat zone. I also went into LE, but to your point, didn’t suffer from PTSD. But hey, since you think this Marine is some jealous wannabe, I’ll just keep my opinion to myself. But do me a favor, when you find yourself getting your ass kicked by a cop, find out what branch he was in and if he is a combat vet or just a vet that served in a safe zone.

    3. One more thing, I’ll give you credit on this as well: most of these D-Bags are wannabe vets on the force. Too much call of duty or a lack of hugs from mom. Half of them wouldn’t make it a week in MCRD, let alone actually serving in the Marines as infantry! Instead they join the force and “play” Army!

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