Gun registration has long been used as a precursor to gun confiscation by would-be tyrants and thugs in government.  In the country of Uzbekistan, the government has decreed that all registered guns be surrendered, “temporarily”.

Basically, almost all registered guns in that nation are hunting guns.  America’s favorite gun, the AR-15, are non-existent there.

Those who say “oh, there’s nothing to worry about from registration” are either fools or liars.

(Hat tip to Mutti on the story)

(Uznews) – On the eve of Independence Day (September 1) Uzbek hunters have been ordered to surrender all their weapons until September 5.

The police have issued a decree obliging all registered gun owners (i.e., hunters), to surrender their weapons until September 5.

Hunters are required to bring their guns to their local police station between the 1-15 August. Authorities promise to return the weapons after September 5.

Those who do not do so by the required date will be faced with a mandatory extraction by a special squad of police, warn authorities.

6 thoughts on “IT ALWAYS HAPPENS: Authorities promise police seizure of registered guns not surrendered”
  1. I guess we’ll see what happens after Sept 5. Keep us posted on this.
    I am extremely skeptical at this point that they will ever get their guns back.

  2. Registration > Confiscation > Extermination. History is replete with examples: Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Pol Pot’s Cambodia… The Founding Fathers knew an armed man is a citizen, a disarmed man merely a subject – that’s why there’s no mention of deer or ducks in the Second Amendment. The right to life and liberty by definition includes the right – and ability – to defend them from predators, both four-legged and two.

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