Good news from our nation’s capital.

Not only has the Washington D.C. police chief ordered her police officers not to make arrests for gun possession by non-DC residents who can legally carry a firearm in other states, but the prosecutors there are either dropping charges in existing cases or reducing charges to misdemeanors.

Folks, this is huge.

Poor Michael Bloomberg.  He lost Illinois – the last state in the Union to ban concealed carry in 2013, along with a host of other smaller battles.  2014 is just not working out to be any better for him – or the people he hires to implement his passion to strip Americans of their right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves from violent attack (and political tyrants like Mike).  Unlike 2013 where the little Napoleon won a couple of minor wins in Colorado and New York State (at great cost to Colorado Democrats), he’s met with nothing but defeats this year.

Of course, he doesn’t lead by example, with his retinue of armed bodyguards he retains on the payroll.  Of course, when you’re worth over $30 billion, you can afford to spend a pittance or three on bodyguards.


(ABC News) – Prosecutors in the District of Columbia have for now stopped charging people with carrying a handgun outside their home or business after a judge ruled a city law banning carrying a handgun unconstitutional.

Until a ruling in late July by U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr., city law prohibited people from carrying handguns outside their homes or businesses. Scullin threw out the city’s ban, saying it violated the Constitution’s Second Amendment, which protects the right to “keep and bear arms.” But Scullin kept his ruling from going into effect until at least October, preserving the status quo in the city and giving lawmakers time to respond with new laws.

In theory, Scullin’s order meant nothing had changed for now. People caught carrying handguns outside their homes or businesses could still be charged with a felony. In practice, however, prosecutors have for now stopped charging new cases of carrying a pistol, U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman William Miller said. Instead, he said, prosecutors are using other available weapons charges while they continue to review Scullin’s ruling.

That means that in some new cases, someone who would have faced a felony charge punishable by up to five years in prison before Scullin’s ruling may now instead face misdemeanors punishable by up to a year in jail. The ruling has also affected pistol-carrying cases that were pending at the time of Scullin’s ruling. Some are being dismissed and others delayed.

“They are still sorting out what exactly they are going to do with these cases,” said attorney Jason Kalafat, who typically represents a handful of clients with gun cases at any time.


2 thoughts on “MSM REPORTS: DC Gun Ruling Is on Hold, but Having an Effect”
  1. … and looks like Sheriff David Clarke won the primary up north, delivering yet another spanking to that Bloomberg tyrant.

  2. This is better, but still bad! A misd weapons charge will get your gun rights taken away and ensure a denial for a CCW! The only answer is for them to not charge, period! Don’t let them feed you the boil the frog method of doing things! It’s either follow the 2nd amendment or don’t. One will lead to a peaceful and polite society, the other will lead to War! Governments choice! They better start to chose wisely!

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