(Update:  We earlier had an arrest record for Michael V. Brown.  It was another Michael Brown.  Our apologies.)

In other news, St. Louis is bracing for another night of violence.

For an interactive map, click here:

Police are staging already and it’s hours from darkness.

All day, instigators have taken to social media to encourage the looters to take the violence to “white” neighborhoods.


From Twitchy:

Loot in the white neighborhoods guys!!!

The Original Man (@ItsMeGrizz) August 11, 2014

The Twitter user above is pretty upset about the looting going on in Ferguson, Mo. Not so much because looting black neighborhoods is wrong, but because it’s “counter-productive.” If looters have to do their thing, they should seek out white neighborhoods to pillage.

ya I can’t get down with niggas ripping up their own neighborhoods—
The Original Man (@ItsMeGrizz) August 11, 2014

That’s counterproductive—
The Original Man (@ItsMeGrizz) August 11, 2014

He’s not alone in these views:

@Salute_DeezNutz gonna have to loot the white neighborhoods then—
Pound Cake Killa (@JP_Izzzz_Me) August 11, 2014

Smh they tearing up their own neighborhood instead of terrorizing the white neighborhoods..loot,burned down and rob them,not your own—
Madam Nori (@JamaicanHoney) August 11, 2014

If you gon @ least loot, go to the white people neighborhood—
#Struggle (@illmatic_kid) August 11, 2014

Words from mentor. If you’re going to riot and loot, at least take it to the rich white folk neighborhood.

4 thoughts on “ST. LOUIS UPDATE: Community braces for another night of looting”
  1. FOR SALE: 12-gauge buckshot and birdshot. Load ’em however you’re comfortable!

    DELIVERY TONIGHT, before dark, available in St. Louis, MO.

    Get ’em while they’re hot!

    *NO racism intended by this post. NO animals were harmed (yet) in the production of this advertisement.

    1. You better hurry if you’re going to make it before dark.

      As an aside, at the Farm and Fleet in Bloomington, they had big boxes of double-ought buckshot, 100 rounds, for $79.

      Somehow I think they might have a very strong market for those in STL right now.


    2. I’ve got to agree with you on this one, Ken!

      You and I may have our differences, but I know we can both agree on at least one thing: A good guy with a gun is the only thing that’s going to stop an angry mob/a bad guy with a gun

  2. So where is the media outrage at the use of “nigga”?
    Oh wait, now they can snap off cuz a white guy wrote it.

    Oh and they aren’t going into “white” neighborhoods for two simple reasons
    1) they can’t roll their loot back home on city busses
    2) return fire will take place there AND THEY KNOW IT.

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