The Truth About Guns is reporting that Cabela’s is in St. Louis is taking no chances with looting and rioting a short distance away, and neither are police.

Cabela’s usually has hundreds, if not thousands of guns on display in their stores.

Seeing the looting and rioting nearby Saturday evening, the store’s management sprung into action and pulled the guns and put them in more secure locations in the building.  St. Louis police are conspicuously present in and around the building and while the store is still selling guns to those who have suddenly realized a need for self-defense firearms, customers need to ask for something which is then brought out instead of perusing case after case of various firearms.

Ditto for long guns usually displayed.

And the “fancy guns”?

The room where those are displayed has been barricaded with extra large (and extra heavy) gun safes.  One of TTAG’s members asked store staff how long these changes will last and was told that they did not know when things would return to normal.



2 thoughts on “COMMON SENSE: Cabela’s hardens St. Louis store, secures guns”
  1. It’s a shame it has to be done but at least they are doing the right thing and making sure the criminals are not going to get them. I would not be surprised if some off duty police officers are staying in the store overnight as well.

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