Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is a prisoner’s best friend in the Land of Lincoln.

His early prison release program, designed to “save Illinois money” by releasing inmates early ignores the collateral damage to innocent residents.  That damage is often brutal.

Take Mary Shepard, an elderly woman who was nearly beaten to death while volunteering at a small town church in Illinois.  Shepard and another elderly woman helping out that day were beaten by a big, burly guy who Governor Pat Quinn released early to “ease overcrowding” and to save the state a few bucks.

Well, Sunday evening there was a happier ending involving one of Quinn’s big, burly early prisoner releases.

This time it was a young man who shot a police officer in Chicago two years ago was out on parole.  He served less than six months in prison after shooting a police officer with a gun he was illegally carrying!

Less than six months for shooting a police officer!

Jerome N. Harris, 17, (inmate #M43525 if you want to look him up on the Illinois Department of Corrections Inmate Search page) sprung a few leaks and was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead an hour later, according to a report from the Sun-Times.

Jerome N. Harris, would-be cop killer.



7 thoughts on “SHAMEFUL: Gov. Quinn’s early release program – Shoot a cop, get out in six months”
  1. It turns out that the one who caused the “leaks” was also “illegally” carrying? What then? The “moms” could then accurately claim you guys are celebrating a shooting, doing a “blood dance” and even that you are advocating “illegally” carrying.

    It makes more sense, and would not only avoid setting moms up with propaganda but also come down to principal, to say that carriage is no more “illegal” than a gun itself is. After all- it’s a RIGHT. Owning and carrying aren’t what can be criminalized hence! They are rights. Actions OUTSIDE those parameters, including self defense within, is what can be and should be made “illegal”.

    It’s just like all the shootings in Chicago being derided. You folks gotta start realizing that a number of them ARE exactly what you claim to be proper. Just a Citizen exercising their right to arms, to do nothing more than defend themselves. A NRA instructor has a right to defend themselves, with arms, from an attacking dope dealer, right? Well so does everyone else – even a petty thief or even another drug dealer! We ALL have rights or none of us do. Be mindful of the day that the NRA is “deemed” a “gang”.

    Iow, when one banger shoots another in self defense, isn’t that just an exercise of their right to do so? Of course!

  2. This story is incomplete–makes no sense at all. Ed: SHould spend more time concentrating on OWN content and less time censoring others. Mwah.

  3. Your saying self defense should be made illegal —- You must be some kind of a nut. —–/””–

  4. By the way, showing a picture of some black guy in this story is just RAAAAAACCCCIIIIISSSSSTTTTT! You haters!

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