Find a spot to put another notch in Illinois gun owners’ collective rifle stock with our latest victory in Arlington Heights.

Tonight, there is scheduled to be a “National Night Out” event in that city.  The Illinois State Rifle Association publicized the fact that the Moms Demand Action group was slated to get a booth at the non-political, non-partisan event in an effort to organize and recruit volunteers.

The ISRA’s publicity and pressure upon the Arlington Heights Park District to not deviate from the non-political nature of the event in past years has paid off.

Moms Demand Action notified the park district yesterday of their intention not to participate among the vendors at tonight’s event.  Their email was short and pithy:  “Moms Demand Action would like to withdraw the request to participate in the National Night Out Event, to be held on August 5, 2014 at North School Park.”

No explanation or reason for non-participation was given.

Could it be the park district allowed them to save face while rescinding the earlier approval for booth space?


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  1. Maybe she broke one of those stiletto heels off and her pimp Bloombug wouldn’t buy her another pair.

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