President Barack Hussein Obama, aka President Symbolism over Substance, uses children as props to promote his jihad against guns, along with Vice-President Joe “the Buffoon” Biden.


The Washington Times today is headlining that federal gun prosecutions by the U.S. Justice Department have plummeted 25% since George Bush’s last year in office, 2008, despite no shortage of referrals from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives (and really big Fires).  Since 2004, prosecutions are down 42%.

While some, including us, would say this is a good thing, it doesn’t square with Obama’s tough talk against guns and his repeated personal pledge to do “everything I can” to reduce gun crime in America.

What else is new with this president who seems more interested in taking vacations and playing golf than helping America become a better nation with more and better paying jobs, less government deficit spending and secure borders.




2 thoughts on “ALL HAT, NO CATTLE: Obama talks tough but prosecutions plummet”
  1. They want a background of gun violence so they can keep pushing for gun control.

    Also, I’m betting that most of the cases not being prosecuted are low information individuals who are reliable liberal democrat voters.

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