That’s what people are feeling in their efforts to keep or land Beretta USA.

First, Beretta announced their plans to leave Maryland because of that state’s newly enacted gun bans and restrictions.

Now, a letter surfaces telling why the state of West Virginia was dropped from deliberations for future expansion  – along with high-paying jobs and tax revenue that comes with high-tech expansion.

“…Due to Senator Manchin’s recent legislative choices we have decided not to consider your state for future plans of expansion,” Beretta’s general counsel wrote to a West Virginia House delegate wooing the company.

Hat tip to Say Uncle.

9 thoughts on “BERETTA II: Beretta dismissed move to West Virginia because of Joe Manchin”
  1. Being a West Virginian, I really find it offensive and shameful that we lost a major firearms manufacturer due to the stance of one of our senators. But I find it more offensive to be called a Virginian. Please correct the article to reflect the actual state of the union the letter addresses; fixing that will add more credibility to your site.

    1. Joe E:

      My apologies! And my mistake thinking Manchin was from Virginia. Should have read the letter more closely.

      My bad.

      Error fixed.


    2. Thanks for fixing that. We already have two senators, Warner and Kaine, who are bad enough. We sure don’t need Manchin, too.

  2. This is exactly how the game should be played. Firearms owners, dealers and manufacturers have tremendous economic clout. Every time a state, municipality, or individual business owner wants to take a stance against our Right to Bear Arms, they should be avoided. Well done Beretta.

  3. Well, with Dickhead Durbin in the great(?) state of Illannoy, forget about getting any gun companies here. Probably a lot of other businesses as well.

  4. I vote with my dollars as well.

    Thank you, Beretta! EVERY firearm manufacturer should take a similar stance. Support the people that support you. That obviously includes considering local 2nd Amendment politics when locating your company.

    I’m still surprised that Illinois firearms industry manufacturers are still in Illinois. There are states with friendly 2nd Amendment civil rights attitudes just a few miles away.

  5. There is more to this story than is being reported by the mainstream media.
    8,000 business have left Maryland, the lose equals 26% of Maryland’s manufacturing jobs! Maryland now has the lowest level of manufacturing jobs in the country!
    Berretta is the tip of an iceberg!

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