The great gun salesman Barack Obama had gone off and done it again.

Just when business was beginning to calm down at gun stores nationwide, Obama and his regime announced last week that through executive action, he was placing an import ban on the Kalashnikov Concern, makers of AK-pattern rifles and Saiga-brand firearms.

Cue up Gomer Pyle’s voice:  “Surprise surprise surprise!”

Prices are going up sharply and availability is going down faster than one of Bloomberg’s…  Well, you get the idea.

(Fox News Business) – Following another round of sanctions, demand for Russian-made firearms like the AK-47 rifle has picked up in recent days.

The U.S. and European nations have imposed economic sanctions targeting Russian companies over the country’s role in backing separatists that are fighting the Ukraine government. Additional penalties could be handed down in response to the downing of a Malaysia Airlines flight late last week. Federal officials believe the jet was shot down by a surface-to-air missile fired by rebels in eastern Ukraine.

The sanctions unveiled on Wednesday include Kalashnikov Concern, the maker of AK-47s and Saiga firearms. American companies are now prohibited from having Kalashnikov products imported into the U.S.

5 thoughts on “AK-PATTERN RIFLES: Prices surge thanks to salesman Barack”
  1. Good! The more rifles in civilian hands the longer/harder it will be to take them come that inevitable day.

  2. Yes mr president is a terrific salesman. When I was reminded of how good he really is at selling firearms, I wondered just how many I have purchased since he started selling… The first one was an a r 15 oh yes and how many 30 rd. magazines wow I just love thinking about that and there was about 15 more so far in his 2 terms. Will this ever end or should I buy another safe ????

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