Tickle a prog and you’ll find a bigot.

Sometimes you don’t even have to tickle them to discover their prejudice.

Bigotry against guns is like bigotry against races:  It’s a learned behavior.

The Daily Kos is doing their best to promote bigotry against guns in Mr. Jim Anton’s hate-filled screed titled, “GUNS, GOONS, AND GEORGIA”.

In it, he calls Georgia’s new Safe Carry Protections Act “obscene” because he might have to see someone armed with a gun in his daily travels.

What’s more, he claims that you or I could carry a pulse rifle (see above screen capture) into church.

Where can I buy a pulse rifle, because I’ve been wanting one since hearing about it in the Terminator.

He goes on to profile the people of Georgia who elected the politicians who passed that bill he deems “obscene”.

I went home and did some research.  According to the latest U.S. census, Georgia has one of the highest poverty rates in America.  It is in the bottom quartile when it comes to graduating students from high school, and is very low in achievement in higher education.  It is also in the worst quartile when it comes to cigarette use, obesity and teen pregnancy.

Notably it was already one of the most dangerous states in the nation even before Guns Everywhere was passed – 9th highest in firearm homicide deaths in the nation

So, Mr. Anton is suggesting if you like guns you’re likely a obese high school dropout with a low IQ, who smokes and gets pregnant as a teenager.

Mr. Anton’s comparison better fits the problematic segment of inner-city Chicago than the average gun owner.

9 thoughts on “TOLERANCE: Daily Kos author profiles gun owners as obese high school dropouts with a low IQ, who smoke and get pregnant as teenagers”
  1. John – you gotta label pics like that NSFW! I mean … SCHWIIIIIIING!!! That’s a pretty good looking pin-up if I do say so myself.

  2. I am a gun owner. I hold an MBA in Finance, weigh within the limits of my height, don’t smoke, served six years as an Army officer and work for a living. So much for your analysis, Mr. Anton. Unfortunately, I don’t live in a pro-gun state like Georgia, but that will eventually be rectified.

  3. The Daily Kos is usually wrong on quite a bit. Although, I am confused as to whether or not the M41A pulse rifle is a class III firearm or can I just go through my standard FFL for that….? Do I get those toy facsimiles with every purchase of an XM8 & a happy meal?

  4. Soo…
    He forgot one thing….serial child molester,dog kicker,hit and run over old ladies crossing the street,stealing candy from babies,……….shall I go on………….
    SHEESH…I dont even have any minions to help me out……………..

  5. Having just read the opinion piece being critiqued here, then reading both the text and the comments, I’m forced to wonder if any of you actually read the article or are you simply ‘promoting bigotry in a hate-filled screed’? His observations were neither hate filled nor bigoted, but simply a statement of facts gleaned from his research. He may have implied a slanted profile of gun owners, but is his 1st amendment right to express his opinion only valid if he is defending, not finding exception with, the way the 2nd amendment is being interpreted in a country and time that the founding fathers could not have possibly envisioned or understood? Opinion is just that, your view of a situation, and it would make for a much better world if opinions could be respected and expressed without mean-spirited condemnation of anyone who’s thoughts do not align with yours. Just sayin’.

    1. Oh please not another “The founding fathers couldnt envision or understand” comment!
      During the revolutionary war they had rockets. The 2A doesnt say guns it says [ARMS]. The founding fathers had an understanding of human nature and they understood the need for a checks and balance in a society. SO please No more silly comments about the FF not being able to envision the future nonsense

  6. I would like a pulse rifle, but I am really holding out for the phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.

  7. He left out the worst thing about Georgians, most of them are Braves fans. I find that disturbing.

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