Pat Quinn called for gun and magazine bans this weekend in Chicago, smack in the middle of low-information voter-land.

Quinn doesn’t have the votes to tweak the new concealed carry bill which would require only a simple majority.

He’d need 60% to pass legislation at the moment.

If he can’t get a simple majority, he won’t be getting 60%.

“At least it wasn’t my head up there today…”
Governor Clueless Quinn at a press conference.



BREAKING: IL Gov. Quinn Calls for State Mag Cap and “Assault Rifle” Ban

By Robert Farago on July 13, 2014


(The Turth About Guns) – “Illinois Governor Quinn is asking for a state law to outlaw assault weapons,” reports. “The governor endorsed what he calls the ‘Illinois Public Safety Act’ during a news conference on Chicago’s south side Sunday. The law would ban the sale of both  large-capacity magazines and military-style rifles [ED: Which have been used “over and over” to kill people, apparently.] The only exception would be for Illinois residents who already own what the governor calls assault weapons.” Wow! Nice to see a tautologically skeptical press, for a change. Anyway, “They could keep them but only if they hold an Illinois Firearms Owners Identification card. Those card holders would only be allowed to sell or transfer their gun to a family member. Quinn says some Illinois cities are seeing wars being waged on their streets. The governor says an assault weapons ban would help.” Yes, well, he’s wrong. A fact of which downstate voters will no doubt remind him as and when.

18 thoughts on “CRASS PANDERING: IL Gov. Pat Quinn calls for gun, magazine bans. Purely a publicity stunt, nothing more.”
  1. Why does he look like he has been hit with a shovel when he talks about guns ? The only “assault” he needs to stop is running the fertilizer machine with his mouth.

  2. Except that none of the 30 or so people shot in Chicago over the weekend were shot with “military style assault weapons”. Even proponents of these bans admit that they have little or no effect on crime. Maybe he’s trying to score some Bloomberg buck$ for his campaign. Now it’s just a question of whether Rauner will publicly respond and actually reveal his 2A position.

  3. Champaign-Urbana’s local paper had a hit piece on firearms a couple of days ago – are they colluding with Governor Quinn’s Campaign???

    They went on and on about the sky-high murder rates in the USA and how Americans are numb to gun violence – both of which are not true. I assume it was on the editorial page to avoid the need for facts and research.

    It is no surprise that the circulation numbers for Gun News rival the numbers for C-U’s local paper.

  4. “some Illinois cities are seeing wars being waged on their streets”?
    Some? Besides Chicago, which cities have war on their streets? War? I got it! Let’s send Gov Quinn to Afghanistan or Iraq for a close-up look. Oh wait, there’s not as much killing over there. And they do have assault weapons.

  5. There you go taking it out on the law abiding gun owners.
    Real problem is in da hood know wut i’m sayin /

  6. They know that evil looking rifles and ammunition bans have nothing to do with crime. That is not the idea anyway. They want to outlaw them as a first step to gun control. They are desperate and losing!

  7. Well, because of the “historic” nature of the concealed carry debacle, of course!
    Preemption indeed.
    If democrats thought they could do this and not threaten their own campaigns it would have already been done. This is,then, nothing more than Quinn preaching to his LIV base. But rest assured, if democrats win handily this fall here in this state, the “simple majority” tool WILL be used to gun owners detriment. Bet on it.

  8. I’ve had enough of anti-gunners and I’ve had enough of gun owning compromisers.
    Shall not be infringed is a commanding prohibition against the entry and encroachment upon the “RIGHT” to keep and bear arms.
    Our state is broke, more people receive welfare than work and the low info voter will more than likely re-elect the clown Quinn.
    Illinois sucks!!!

  9. There’s still plenty of good people in IL, but Quinn is grasping at anything he can come up with to up turnout in Chicago. Without the people who vote for a living, he’s doomed come November.

    Hence the reason for the non-biding referendum on a surtax for millionaires and some of the other stuff Madigan is doing to help motivate Chicago to vote.


  10. The question is: Will freedom-loving Illinoisans think it worth their while to show up and pull the lever for Rauner who certainly seems the epitome of RINO.


  11. Is it too early to start singing the song: Hit the road, Jack.. don’t you back, no more, no more

  12. John,

    I agree with you about Rauner (the only Republican candidate who did NOT make an appearance at iGold). His phony commerials where he wears neatly pressed Carhartt aren’t fooling anyone with half a brain. He’s a north shore millionaire who is way too chummy with the Chicago Dems. His wife is a big Dem supporter. Still, can he be worse than Quinn?

    1. Not sure if “worse than Quinn” is the right question. Can Quinn do even more damage if he gets another term? If you think the answer to that question is yes, then vote for the other guy.

  13. Yeah, another Mark Kirk. A DEMOCRAT with a (R) behind his name. That isn’t a solution. Indeed it only makes the problem worse BECAUSE then “Republicans” get blamed for democrat ideas and policy. As hard as this may be to swallow, Quinn is a BETTER choice if only to mean democrats have to own what democrats do.
    The ONLY way to bring meaningful change to Illinois is refuse to vote for republicans until the candidates are ACTUALLY defenders of the government of republican form. Unless people hold that line, democrats will continue to decide the Republican Party nominee and they get their choice in the general election no matter what. It’s sad but it’s true. Your NO vote has more power than your yes vote. So USE it. Voting for Rauner is a mistake of epic proportion(just like electing Kirk was).

  14. Rauner might be a RINO (ok, he certainly is)… but a RINO is still better than Quinn (or Madigan, or Simon, or any other possibilities with a “D” after their name).
    Given a choice, yes.. I’d rather have Rutherford or Brady, but that’s not going to happen now.
    The place to fight against Rauner was in the primary. If Rauner is elected and turns out to be the same as Quinn, then we fight him in the primary again next time.
    If Quinn is re-elected, that may give him the political clout he needs to ram through changes to concealed carry, bans of black rifles and standard-sized maagazines, and other such stupidity.
    Whatever Rauner’s RINO leanings, he would be an absolute fool to alienate his downstate base by proposing further gun control laws once elected… and I don’t think he’s that big an idiot.

  15. We don’t know Rauner’s real position on gun rights but I wonder if he is playing it close, he is not allowing the opposition to attack him on the gun rights issue?

    One of the states gun groups needs to contact Rauner and find out, but do it covertly. If Rauner claims he supports reasonable gun control or semi-auto ban then we need to leave the line for governor blank

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