Photo of a couple of young people open carrying in Texas earlier this year. Photo from “Americans Against The Tea Party” blog. Gee, anti-gunners using Open-Carry activism against us?  What happens the first time one of these folks fires off a negligent discharge?

Caleb Giddings has been open carrying for a couple of weeks, just to experience it first-hand.

He offered up a series of posts on open carry and open carry “activism” on his blog at GunNuts Media.

In part eight of his series, after he’d completed the two weeks of open carry, he offered up some very pithy thoughts on the subject:

You know what’s funny? I’m not against open carry. I am against f***wits using open carry inappropriately and getting our rights restricted. For example, the idiots in California. Or the idiots in Texas. If you want to open carry, fine, just carry your gun. But don’t be a halfwit about it. Don’t do it to get attention, don’t go on “open carry walks” just carry your f***ing gun and stop trying to “educate” the public and stop being s***heads to cops.

…I look at the OC situation, and what I see are lots of good, normal folk who use OC as a regular tool for self-defense. Then I see their voice drowned out by the actions of worthless, attention seeking, thumb sucking, fatass losers who were probably denied their mother’s breast when nursing and grew up into mentally deficient man-children who can only achieve some measure of validation through negative attention.

Well said, Caleb.

Frankly, the entire “Open Carry” movement in Texas, I believe, may be the brainchild of Michael Bloomberg, not gun rights activists.

Open carry illustrated:

In our opinion, this is open carry done right.

And open carry done wrong:


Do you want a muzzle pointed at your head?


Photo via KETK TV.  Standing in a pickup truck, holding your rifle.  Can you say “attention whore”?


Unattended long guns propped up on wall at Smashburger. Note at least one is  ready to fire (as opposed to on ‘safe’) and a couple are ready to fall over.

And the classic:


5 thoughts on “GUN NUTS: Caleb on Open Carry “activists””
  1. Ok I think you 15 min of fame for shitting on these people is running out. Time to move on to another topic.

  2. Jon just because the NRA gods don’t like Texas Open carry doesn’t make them bad. First please understand that ALL firearms must be unloaded at a Texas Open Carry rally. The people that put on the rallies make every effort to make sure there actions are safe. The point of the Texas open carry movement is to educate people about freedom. After all Jon its Texas and not silly assed Illinois.

    Yes there are some provocateurs that go around pointing guns and acting badly bit that’s not everyone. That’s bad Jon and no one is defending that.

    GOA fully supports the Texas open carry movement and unlike the NRA gods they don’t support gun control. Recently in Wyoming the NRA support extended background checks. Well the Heck with them we don’t need background checks or FOID cards!

    1. It doesn’t matter if the guns are unloaded or not.

      They *might* be well-meaning at OCT, but they are hurting our cause more than all of Bloomberg’s money combined.


  3. It is likely that open carry TX has already destroyed years of work to gain open carry rights for pistols – not to mention it scares people.
    These guys are a mockery of responsible, socially calibrated and aware gun owners, and are the source material for late night comedians watched by millions. If the gun community cannot clean its own house then others will do it and the results will not be great.

  4. Texas Open Carry launched their campaign in order to pressure legislators to pass a pistol open carry law, which as of now is illegal. Their reasoning is, “we know they’d be more comfortable with pistol open carry than rifle, so we’re going to carry rifles everywhere until the squeamish beg to give us pistol OC.” Which really shows how objectionable they know their actions are to the average citizen, if not, it wouldn’t be a useful pressure tactic, would it? What they’re not thinking about is what an impossible position they’re putting their representatives in, what kind of legislator is going to cave in to people who use such tactics to get their way? This is not how we got carry legalized in Illinois, it was the way that OC Californians got unloaded OC banned along with loaded. We do live in a democratic republic, we aren’t immune to backlash, and they do associate themselves with gun owners everywhere; I don’t appreciate it myself.

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