Downtown Indianapolis.

Good guys with guns save lives and deter criminal activity.  We all know it to be true.

It was out for all to see in Indianapolis a few weeks ago as 75,000 National Rifle Association members descended on that city for the NRA’s convention and annual meetings.  Many, if not most of those folks were legally armed.  Not surprisingly, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department described the weekend as the quietest in all of April.

In Chicago on that same weekend, without 75,000 legally armed NRA members in town and strict gun laws prohibiting all but a tiny handful of card-carrying good guys with guns, it was just another weekend of bloody violence.  Scores and scores of people robbed, shot, raped or otherwise victimized by brazen criminals just like any other time.

In fact, Chicago’s strict gun control laws are partly to blame for that city’s 532 homicides in 2012.

A half-hour west of Chicago lies Illinois’ second-largest city.  Aurora doesn’t have Chicago-style gun control and would you care to guess how many homicides Aurora endured in that same 2012?  ZERO.  Not. A. Single. One.

It’s not rocket science:  Chicago, with their strict gun control, has lots of homicides and violent crime.  Aurora – and pretty much the rest of Illinois without Chicago-style strict gun control – has few homicides and relatively little violent crime.

Downtown Chicago.

It’s not just Illinois.  Florida processed the one-millionth active concealed carry license recently and that state’s firearm-related violent crime is at historic lows.  Denying a correlation between record numbers of carry licenses and record low firearm-related violent crime is simply ignoring reality.

Ironically, even the anti-gun, anti-self-defense activists know that good guys with guns deter criminal violence as evidenced by the armed security they hired at their counter-demonstration to the NRA in downtown Indianapolis.  Ditto for the Brady Campaign’s recent forum in Seattle (see photo).

Michael Bloomberg pays a number of armed, former NYPD cops to guard him 24/7, while he spends tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars to lobby against your right to have a gun to defend your family from criminal violence.  How’s that fair or reasonable?  Smacks of hypocrisy and elitism, doesn’t it?

Gun control isn’t about making us safer.  It’s about controlling people.

8 thoughts on “GUNS SAVE LIFE: Stark contrasts between Chicago and Indy”
  1. That’s not really a fair comparison between Aurora and Chicago. The former has a black population of 11% while the latter has 33%.
    It would be interesting to compare two cities with equal demographics and the different gun laws.

    1. Yeah, the only problem is the murder number in Aurora is zero.

      The per capita murder rate is zero.

      Chicago’s is very non-zero.


    2. Al, I don’t think a comparison of the black population between the two cities would be a valid statistic. We’re comparing gun crimes/homicides, not racial demographics. It doesn’t matter if the perp is White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.

  2. An armed society is a polite and respectful society as I evidensed in Indy on 4-26-14, (even the reckless motorcycle rider that ran me over apologized, for what it was worth) it is obvious that Chitcago is the extreme opposite by way of news accounts. I will not visit the Chithole to find out personally.

    1. I try to stay our of that hell hole (Chicago) and advise most everyone I meet from out of state to do the same due to the corruption and murder rate in the city. I doubt I have influenced anyone to stay away but I’m doing what I can.

  3. What would indeed be interesting would be the reaction from Washington, D.C.’s city council if the N.R.A. announced it was “considering” having an upcoming national convention in our nation’s capitol.

    1. Yeah, that would be interesting wouldn’t it? Have a national rifle ass. Convention in dc.

  4. I wonder if the kid with the pants so low, knows the origin of wearing them like that ? Well just so everyone knows…. Back in the 40’s and on, when inmates were transferred from prison to prison, the weaker ones would “advertise” for protection by offering themselves up ! This was and is their “calling card”. Disgusting ! JFYI.

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