The anti-gun mainstream print media has had a rough time of it in recent years.

More and more folks have bid them farewell as they have grown fed up with the liberal bias so prevalent in their reporting.

Gone are the days of the big-media’s stranglehold on news dissemination, thanks to the Internet.

This falling circulation has resulted in over 54,000 jobs being shed since 2003 in newspapers and magazines.

Can you say, “Cutting their own throats”?

I thought you could.

Yet they persist in carrying the water for Michael Bloomberg and his ilk in advocating against gun ownership and civil rights.

Locally, in Central Illinois, both the Bloomington Pantagraph and the Champaign News-Gazette have posted their buildings “NO GUNS”.

They just can’t get enough rope with which to fashion their own noose.


One thought on “WORLD’S SMALLEST VIOLIN: Anti-gun mainstream print media axes 54,000 jobs in past decade”
  1. The pantagraph also has a much larger sign posted other building.
    For Sale Or Lease.

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