Paul Hendrix isn’t going to be a happy camper.  He’s a retired cop who apparently has problems with honesty, integrity and ethics in his role as an official at USPSA events.

He’s a Range Officer at USPSA and has been reporting incorrect times, it seems, for shooters he’s running through.  He cuts time for people he likes, and adds time for people he doesn’t.

Nice guy, eh?


Get your stopwatch/smart phone out and set it to timer mode.  Watch this YouTube video and compare the times you have with the times on the video.  They don’t match, do they?  They’re usually off by almost exactly whole seconds, aren’t they?  Here it is.

Start at 3:42 and pay attention to Hendrix, the “white shirted dude” with the timer.  He’s the guy who is at the center of this cheating scandal.

There’s more.  This wasn’t an isolated event.

Back at the 2013 USPSA Area 8 Championship, Paul Hendrix was working there as well.   Here’s a link to that video.  You’ll recognize his voice.   Add up the “deducted” times and they total about 20 seconds!

Here’s another video from the 2013 USPSA Area 8 Championship where Mr. Hendrix adds time to the shooters he’s not so fond of.

Here it is embedded.  Start at 5:03ish.


Here’s another, where times are recorded on screen for your ease of comparing the Paul Hendrix reported time and the real time.



Here’s the post from the guy who broke this scandal wide open over at Doodie Project.  Caution for language.  We would cut and paste, but the language isn’t anything close to PG.

Here’s another YouTube video from yet another competitor in 2014 who found himself on Paul Hendrix’s wrong side, getting seconds added to his times.

24 thoughts on “BREAKING: USPSA Cheating Scandal uncovered.”
  1. Wait? LYING COP? And you’re surprised?

    What will utterly knock me OUT OF MY SHOES is or will be (may be?) the day I meet an HONEST cop!

    I’m a modern-day Diogenes, just looking for an honest COP!

    Good Fukcing luck, eh?

    1. You know, Ken, anti-gunners sound much the same about gun owners.

      Did a cop have an affair your girlfriend or wife or something? Just trying to figure out why you dislike cops so much.

      The overwhelming majority of cops are good people doing good work. They wrestle with the scumbags so you can live peacefully.


    2. Well, Diogenes, get thee to a GSL meeting, where you’ll find several honest cops at each meeting.

      Or is that why you don’t attend?

  2. Ken:

    Chill out on the cop bashing, will ya?

    Like Sam mentioned above, 99.44% of cops are like 99.44% of gun owners – good guys.

    If you can’t find an honest cop, you might ask yourself if you’re hanging out in the wrong places.

    Frankly, I really have to hunt high and low to find a dishonest cop.


  3. I grew up in a medium sized town here in Illinois. My grandfather was a lawyer in Chicago, and then a judge in the state. He assured me that corruption in our town was handled by a handful of cops along with a local business man.

    I witnessed the corruption first hand on a few occasions, crooked cops exist, to what level and how many is a guess. But you can bet every decent sized town has a few.

    An everyday honest, law abiding citizen, will likely never uncover the corruptions in his or her town. Doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  4. Let me make this easy for you. To say that, as a retired law enforcement officer this is even more disappointing and shameful because we expect more from them, is fine. To start in with the sarcastic comments basically saying all LEO’s are dirty is NOT FINE. There are crooked people in EVERY profession and one bad apple does not make the whole batch rotten. Would you like to be assumed to be a p.o.s. because someone in your line of work is? Be more mature and think before you type.

  5. Yeah, not all cops are bad. It’s not fair because 98% of the cops give the other 2% a bad name.

    1. good one..
      With so many honest cops youd think they would be screaming loudest about the corrupt ones,,, but ummm nope. CLose ranks and make excuses. Then wonder why people think so many of them are corrupt, arrogant thugs.

  6. Hey all–

    GSL’s mission to deliver quality news gets diminished when we start bashing professions by painting things with broad strokes. It’s his work as a competition official that’s being questioned nothing more, nothing less.

    Stay on target and let’s talk about those shooting times.

  7. “He’s a Shoot Officer or whatever they call it at USPSA”

    It is called a RO or Range Officer. Who wrote this article?

    It is a damn shame there are those who would use this comment section and story to cast a dark shadow on all LEOs just because this former LEO appears to be dirty.

    It is not right.

    1. They kept referring to him as an “SO”.

      I’m not a USPSA competitor, and have no idea what that meant.

      Anyone have an answer to that?


    2. For USPSA they are officially called “Range Officers”. from the rulebook:

      7.1.1 Range Officer (“RO”) – issues range commands, oversees competitor compliance with the written stage briefing and closely monitors safe competitor action. He also declares the time, scores and penalties achieved by each competitor and verifies that these are correctly recorded on the competitor’s score sheet (under the authority of a Chief Range Officer and Range Master).

      For IDPA the same person would be called a “Safety Officer”

  8. I’ve never had someone time me that didn’t show me the timer to validate what s/he was calling out to be recorded. This is a sad day for all shooters.

    1. That’s what makes me the most uncomfortable out of all this. Gamers gotta game…

  9. Served as RO for years in USPSA and still SO/direct IDPA matches. I never look at the timer. I hold it behind me for the scorekeeper to see. Never would have thought to pad times. Sad.

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