So, what’s been going on in Chicago that hasn’t been making headlines?

Or any coverage?

Let’s see:

First, with the story that did make the news:

CHICAGO (CBS) — Imagine walking into a gas station and right into the middle of a robbery. It happened in Portage Park and surveillance cameras were rolling.

And then subsequent customers were led to the back room like sheep to the slaughter.

The world’s lousiest surveillance video, I know.

But wait, there’s more that didn’t make the news!  From Second City Cop:

Not a whisper nor a peep over the goings on at North Avenue Beach last night in the media.

Hundreds of ne’er-do-wells took over the sand and surrounding sidewalks, driving families and folks out for an afternoon in the sun and surf. Rather largish deal on the radio with numerous teams and the Bike Unit called out.

Another report in our comment sections about 50 kids hitting the Nordstrom store downtown and getting away with $2,000 in merchandise. Anyone have that RD#?

Rahm certainly has the media on a short leash.


And yesterday, the story of a Japanese airline captain that was shot in the ankle – supposedly by an air rifle, but how many thugs use air rifles?  This probably made headline news in Japan…

Chicago (Tribune) – A Japanese airline worker was shot in the ankle on the Magnificent Mile over the weekend, possibly by someone using an air gun, according to police and the airline.

He’d spent the evening having dinner and attending the Blues Fest with co-workers and they were walking back to the hotel in the early morning hours of Saturday when it happened, said ANA, All Nippon Airways spokeswoman Nao Gunji.
“He heard something like a dry, light, bang-bang sound,’’ Gunji said.  “It sounded like a gunshot but he couldn’t tell…it didn’t sound like real gunfire.’’

Immediately after that he felt pain in his ankle. When he checked it, he saw blood on his ankle, and a hole and some minor damage to his trousers, she said.



2 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Crime, violence and more violence!”
  1. Wait until all the illegal’s get to Chicago, Crime will go through the roof!!!!

    The city having control of the media is not new. I was told years ago about a drive-by gang shooting. Over 200 gang members were involved, the people in the car were killed and not one word in the Chicago media.

  2. Guaranteed these Adam-Henry’s are on some sort of supervision and should be in jail. Thanks Judge!

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