At a town hall meeting televised by CNN tonight, Hillary Clinton announced her support for a ban on semi-auto firearms and a “high capacity” magazine ban, all in the name of reducing “gun violence” in the United States.

She also claims gun rights advocates are terrorists, saying that “a minority of people hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people”, agreeing with the baseless claim that there have been 74 school shootings since Newtown.

If you thought she was going to be better than Barack Hussein Obama on guns, you’ve got another thing coming.


14 thoughts on “JUST IN: Hillary Clinton “ALL IN” for semi-auto gun ban and magazine bans; calls gun rights advocates terrorists”
  1. Let’s see: Semi-auto firearms, around since the late 1800’s.

    Flash mobs and fights organized via social media, around for the last 10 years or so.

    Twitter, around since yesterday afternoon or so.

    While we’re restricting the Second Amendment to pre-20th century technology, can we just do the same to the First?

  2. If she get elected then we know the elections are rigged. Only a nut would vote for a nut!

  3. No, she’s the candidate of the low information voters and those who vote for a living. Not mutually exclusive groups though.

  4. I’m sorry but when Hillary or Omama ,Pelosi, Harry and a whole list of others are on TV I find I have to change the channel after only a few minutes. I can’t sit and be lied to for very long she has a laundry list of scandals as long as Obama she’s just smarter at not getting caught up in them. Just ask Vince Foster. WHAT DIFFERNCE DOES IT MAKE NOW? Lots Hillary lots! God help us if this Demon gets elected!

  5. If you burned out liberals vote based on your ” feelings ” instead of reality, go piss on yourself for a better feeling and stop trying to make it rain on all of us.

  6. Hillary should have took slick willie and went back to Arkansas and planted a garden , But no she wants to boss everybody. Around. , and she’s going to do just that as long as people cater to her leadership which is just the same as what hitler tried to do

  7. Obama got elected twice and gave away 5 terrorists for a one guy that walked away from his post twice but he leaves a marine in Mexico. Let’s take this country back

  8. I wonder how much that audience cost her. It is time to end the disastrous experiments called democrats in charge.

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