Bolingbrook, IL had a home invasion over Memorial Day weekend.

A reader brought us up to speed on what really happened.

We’re going to pass it along, both to learn from and as an example that bad things happen to good people for no good reason.

First up, the story from the media:


Bolingbrook, IL (Patch) – Two Chicago men face multiple charges after a home invasion and armed robbery in the 400 block of Sioux Drive on Saturday, police said.

Lt. Mike Rompa said officers responded quickly to a report of subjects inside a home, threatening residents with a gun. Police said there were two adults and two children in the home at the time of the incident.

While police arrived, the offenders were still inside the home. One suspect jumped out of a second-floor window, with several officers in pursuit, Rompa said. After a lengthy foot chase, Rompa said the suspect “actively fought his arrest” and caused minor injuries to two officers.

The other offender was apprehended inside the home, according to police. Both men have lengthy criminal histories, Rompa said.

Jerry Griffin, 32, and Keauncie Lee, 26, of Chicago, were both arrested and take the the Will County jail on charges of home invasion, armed robbery, resisting arrest, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon, four counts of aggravated battery, no FOID card, unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition and aggravated unlawful restraint, police said.


Offender / Sh*tbird #1:

Jerry Griffin – in full-load Condition Brown.  Yeah, it stunk.


Dirtbag #2.

Keauncie Lee.


How it went down, “reportedly” according to our sources:

Mom was outside watering her flowers with a garden hose when the above pictured two big guys came up to her, grabbed her by the hair and stuck a Glock in her ear.  It’s still daylight outside, but the sun is starting to set.

“C’mon bitch,” Jerry said and they escorted her in the house roughly.

Dad was in a recliner chair watching TV when they came in.  Jerry and Keauncie/Chauncey/whatever his name was put mom face down on the couch and put a cushion on the back of her head and slugged her a few times.  They dragged dad out of the chair and put him face down on the floor with a cushion over his head too.

“If either of you f’in move, I’ll blow your f’in brains out!” they told mom and dad in a slightly sanitized paraphrasing.  “Where’s the drugs?  Where’s the money?” they asked, over and over.

There were no drugs because, well, it was a suburban family who worked for a living, trying to do everything right to get ahead in the world.  They weren’t “street pharmacist” public aid recipients living in Section 8 housing.  They weren’t even recreational pot smokers.  They didn’t have a bunch of cash either.

A house in the 400 block of Sioux Drive in Bolingbrook, the same block where the home invasion took place. It’s very middle class.

While they were grilling mom and dad, the two kids were upstairs playing video games in their respective rooms wearing headphones.  By good fortune, the older son heard mom praying out loud downstairs for God to not let her die.

He calls 911 and tells the operator that someone’s in their home and that his mom is praying out loud that she’s about to die.  He quietly goes to his little brother’s room and tells him what’s up while leaving the line open to 911.

Dreadlocked Jerry went upstairs looking for the master bedroom and found the two boys in the younger brother’s room.  Mope grabs the phone and stuffs it in his pocket, unaware that the line is open to 9-1-1.  He tells the kids to stay in the room or he’d kill them, in slightly more profane ghettoese diction, of course.

911 heard it too.

Yeah, Jerry is a real rocket surgeon.

Cops en route were told it was a confirmed “hot” call.  That got the adrenaline going for all of them.  Oh yeah, did I mention the entire shift dropped what they were doing and responded?  If they weren’t already on the way, they were now.  Oh yeah.

See, in Bolingbrook, there have been home invasions in the past, but the bad guys get away before the cops get there.

This time though, the bad guys had no idea the cops had been tipped off.

The Jerry thug goes to the master bedroom and starts tossing the place, looking for “the dope” and “the money”.  Guess it never occurred to him to get a job and earn a living instead of taking from those who do (and from his rap sheet, from a lot who don’t as well, but we’ll get to that later).

9-1-1 is listening to him rifle through drawers while police officers are rolling up.

Most of the cops head towards the front while two or three head to the back.

“POLICE!  POLICE!  Get DOWN!” they screamed as they barged in the front door en masse, guns drawn.  Keaucie or Chauncey or whatever he calls himself surrendered in the face of overwhelming force from the Poll – Lease.

Jerry hears five-oh downstairs and avails himself to the nearest exit, the master bathroom window – from the second floor.

He goes out feet first and cops are already there, with his sorry butt in their sights.

They order him to get back into the window.  He shouts back that “he’s trying” to get back into the window, all the while easing himself out of his escape hatch.

More commands to get back inside and to show his hands.

Jerry’s mouth is telling the po-po what he thinks they want to hear, meanwhile every fiber of his pathetic non-productive self is trying to escape.

He falls from the window and is off like a rabbit.

Cops are hot on his trail.  They lose sight of him momentarily, but sadly for him, they’ve already set up a perimeter.

After a brisk little exercise and some huffing and puffing, they caught him after a little scuffle where he repeatedly fell down some steps.  Both ways.

Just kidding.

We’re not kidding though when we say he had crapped his pants.  Bigtime.

And he had “sat” in it in the course of resisting arrest.


Back at the house, they found Jerry’s Glock right under the window he was climbing out of.  “It might have been a little different if he had chosen not to leave his gun behind,” one cop might have said.  Indeed.

There was more evidence recovered.

Nobody wants to volunteer their cruiser to haul his smelly ass to jail.  Finally, someone (probably the new guy) gets ordered to do so.  The poor hazmat guy gets a callout to clean out the back of the squad after it gets there.

They take pictures of Jerry’s pants before disposing of them.

Jerry and Keauncey-Chauncey have rap sheets that are pages and pages long.  Lots of violent crime.  Gun convictions.  The whole nine yards.

Both should have been in prison.

Actually, both should have been put through the wood chipper a decade or more ago and it would have saved the productive class of society a lot of money.

Cops threw the book at these two goons, hoping that the criminal justice system in Illinois might actually put them away for twenty or thirty years this time.

Dear Readers: You’re probably going to find it hard to believe our little poopy-pants suspect had been to prison before. Several times. Sentenced to six years in the summer of 2010 for… wait for it… Aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. Out in 2013.
Sweetheart #2 has been to the big house too.

The family?

They have probably sent off for their FOID cards.  We see them as new gun owners here very soon.

We all talk about how this stuff happens to other people.

This family surely said the same until that fateful Saturday evening.

What have you done, with your family, to plan for a possible home invasion or burglary?

Think about it.

Make a plan.  Implement it.

Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

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  1. The frightening part about these two DNA donor machines is hopefully they didn’t reproduce on the governmint payroll.

  2. I (heart) Guns Save

    Great story. Wish I could have been there.

    And yes, it’s a damn shame they both didn’t go down in a blaze of glory against the cops.

    Somehow I don’t think there would have been a lot of sleep lost.


  3. This is exactly why I carry, even at home, and why we are taking our kids to a GSL Defense Training class this weekend!

  4. Lemme guess, these two 0bama-sons were released early from their last prison gig thanks to ol’ Clueless Quinn’s “overcrowded prisons” excuse and probably hired as his “community violence” detractors at taxpayer expense, right?
    These two thugs need to be “aborted” from society, too bad their mammys didn’t choose that option many years ago.

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