Colorado’s Governor Hickenlooper is running scared.

This is the governor who brazenly promoted and then signed the big gun control bill in the Rocky Mountain state which caused one of that state’s nationally-known companies, Magpul Industries, to pack their bags and head for Wyoming and Texas.

He’s a big-city bigot, as evidenced by his comment referring to “backward thinking” rural residents of Colorado during his 2010 campaign for governor.

Hickenlooper sure was cocksure of himself in early 2012.

He ignored protesters.

He ignored that state’s sheriffs, who were pretty much universally opposed to the bill.

He grinned as he signed bills which banned standard capacity magazines and scary rifles.

Then came the recall elections and three recalls later, Hickenlooper’s party barely retained control of the Colorado State Senate.

Today, Hickenlooper must be worried about his own job.

Hat in hand, he apologized to Colorado State Sheriffs in recent days for ignoring them in 2012.

His internal polling numbers must show he’s in a race for his life against Tom Tancredo.


6 thoughts on “COLORADO: Governor is running scared… apologizes to sheriffs about gun ban he signed”
  1. I imagine there are a lot of Democrats running scared in Colorado right now.


  2. cHICKENpooper is still talking out of that backside. don’t trust the politician and his words.

  3. Can’t have it both ways, Governor Hickenlooper.

    Want gun owner votes? MAYBE if you press for repeal (but I doubt it).

    Go, Tom, Go!

  4. Shannon Watts and Gov. Bloomberg were best buds with this clown when he went against the will of the people. It’s funny how they are no where to be found now that he is starting to face the consequences for his actions.

  5. Another Anti-American, Treasonous and Seditious Democrat! Don’t you find it funny that the Democratic Party is the only party that has in their by-laws the over throw of our Government! for personnel Greed whether Power or financial

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