Get caught with a gun in ISIS controlled portions of Iraq? This awaits you. Don’t worry though. ISIS will control all of Iraq soon enough.

Tyrants and despots (and would-be tyrants and despots) embrace gun control.

History has shown us time and time again the truth in that statement.

Yet some well-meaning, but ill-informed low-information types continue to advocate for more gun control here in America.

For those who weren’t paying attention in public school history lessons, they need to look only as far as today’s headlines:

al-Qaeda forces announce rules for Iraqi territory they now control

…No public gathering other than those organised by ISIS will be allowed at any stage.   No guns will be allowed outside of its ranks.



One thought on “TYRANTS AND DESPOTS LOVE GUN CONTROL: ISIS decrees gun ownership illegal in Iraq”
  1. yet people still have there head in the sand …hitler took the guns so did moa se tung as did castro as on and on……lets apply the same mentality that anti gunners use to lets say madd..mothers against drunk driving ….it would go like this hey we don’t care that the driver was drunk or how he got intoxicated but we better ban all cars …mmm think about that …do the anti gunners think
    that someone couldn’t drive a car into a crowd and cause mass death ooooohh wait that happened at south by south west ….

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