The ISRA is conducting a survey to learn more about the issues important to firearm owners.

Please visit the survey at the following link:

Thank you for your time!

2 thoughts on “ILLINOIS RESIDENTS: Please take the ISRA Gun Owner Survey”
  1. That has some really poorly phrased questions and omitted options.

    It was like a typical slanted CNN poll.

  2. I took the survey and I too didn’t like some of the question’s.

    NO questions were asked about repealing laws or what we think a future agenda should be for gun groups.

    I didn’t like question 24 at all it was too vague to the point of being stupid! The problem is the damn SSRI drugs and all the soy in our diets.

    I should not have to lose any right because some metro-male on SSRI drugs and feed soy his whole life cant get a woman.

    Oh all most forgot REPEAL the FOID card!!!
    Thanks Jon

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