Good news Illinois residents.

Nebraska now recognizes your Illinois concealed carry license, bringing the number of states which recognize Illinois license to roughly 20.


13 thoughts on “Nebraska now recognizes Illinois’ carry license…”
  1. I hope we continue to pick up states we can carry in with the Peoples Republic of Illinois license. we need to be pushing our Reps. and Sens. to reciprocate with other states, I do feel bad that everyone from all the other states has to go unarmed while traveling, especially in the zoo of Shitcago.

  2. That is all well and good, what about Illinois recognizing other State CCW? This One way recognition is only a half measure.

  3. The one-way street enables our politicians to say “We’re @$$holes and proud of it”

  4. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to Chicago again, but I do travel to Illinois once or twice a year. I’ll be happy when they get reciprocity with South Carolina but in the meantime it seems that my Utah CFP is good. I’ll have to confirm that. No more locking my piece away in the trunk before crossing the state line!

  5. I Think that means if I have like a Florida permit and live in Illinois Michigan doesn’t honor that I would have to be a Florida resident for them to recognize that. Not from any other state

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