Scene of a multiple victim criminal attack in Chicago. Getty images.


Michael Bloomberg’s drumbeat about mass shooting attacks is about as hollow as his head.

Ditto for that vacuous Moms Demand Action head Shannon Watts,  aka Shannon Troughton, President and owner of of VoxPop Public Relations, a boutique liberal PR firm.

The unfortunate truth is that homicides in Chicago claim far more lives than all of the spree killings combined.

But it wasn’t American mainstream media that reported this.

No, sir.  It was instead the Canadian media that did a media drive-by, putting the facts above feelings and faulty perceptions.

The Sun-News to be exact as part of the story on why they would not use the Canadian double cop killer’s name, depriving him of notoriety and infamy from his heinous act.

Sun News Network will not use New Brunswick killer’s name

…When it comes to mass murderers, too often, it is attention and infamy they crave. Luckily, shootings of this nature are rare in Canada.

And in the US, they account for less than one per cent of all gun-related deaths. Far more people have been killed in the bad neighbourhoods of Chicago than were killed in all the mass shootings combined. But these rare incidents are never forgotten. And with the rise of social media, they’ve become a spectacle.

Emphasis added.  For the record, we have a similar policy about redacting spree killers’ names and likenesses.  We will avoid using their names and photos where ever possible, unless it is to ridicule them.



3 thoughts on “SHH! DON’T TELL ANYONE: Far more people killed in Chicago than all spree killings combined!”
  1. If you listened to the mainstream media you would think Chicago is a utopia of liberalism.
    I wonder what’s going to happen to the crime rate in chicago when the new illgal gang members get to chicago?

  2. Chicago should be limited to only 7 people. They should have to take classes in how not to kill each other and they should be registered with the State of Illinois. In addition they should never be allowed to be visible in public, they must not have a “shoulder thingy, which goes up” and they should be locked up in a safe away from Children.

  3. “Far more people have been killed in the bad neighbourhoods of Chicago than were killed in all the mass shootings combined.”
    And they, the anti-gun Left, wants all of America to follow the example of this and other Liberal utopias.

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