Did you know Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is running for re-election this year?

You would never have guessed it from the mainstream media’s non-coverage.

Chicago media personality William Kelly wants to call out Rahm Emanuel on his anti-gun, anti-liberty record as mayor.  Kelly, a pro-gun conservative, is set to officially announce his candidacy for the Chicago Mayor’s race on June 20th at an event.

He says you’re cordially invited.

While we aren’t out to promote candidates, we can inform our readers on the cadidates’ position on guns.

Rahm is a rabidly anti-gun zealot.

Mr. Kelly, on the other hand, is pro-gun sort of guy.

So folks, for those of you in Chicago or surrounding areas, here’s your chance to network with some like-minded friends!

Contact 312-768-8683 for details. To purchase tickets, click here.


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  1. William Hale Thompson was the last Republican mayor of Chicago in 1931. The last honest mayor of Chicago was… hold on we’re still researching.

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