Creating a warm and inviting environment for all of our guests and employees is a top priority for Jack in the Box. The presence of guns inside a restaurant could create an uncomfortable situation for our guests and employees and lead to unintended consequences. While we respect the rights of all our guests, we would prefer that guests not bring their guns inside our restaurants.

– Jack in the Box VP of Corporate Communications Brian Luscomb


Jack-in-the-Box’s announcement asking good guys to leave their guns outside the restaurant has served as a magnet for armed robbers.

The message would-be thugs heard:  Nobody there’s gonna be able to fight back!

And so they’ve been using Jack-in-the-Box stores as their private ATMs, sticking them up four times in recent days.

The most recent location robbed:  Houston – where before the announcement, it wouldn’t be one bit uncommon for multiple good guys with guns to be in a given Jack-in-the-Box.  It is Texas, after all.

Not any more though – not since JITB told gun-owning Texans to leave their guns at home, so now they just stay way from the low-end burger joint!

Houston (Cleveland Advocate) – Police are asking for help identifying a possible suspect in an armed robbery. The robbery occurred around 2 a.m. Monday, June 9. One white male subject held employees at gunpoint shortly after 2 a.m. at the Jack in the Box on North Main in Liberty.

The subject appeared to be a white male, early 20’s, wearing grey shorts with black stripes down the side. He was also wearing a red fitted shirt, grey tennis shoes with grey and black socks, black hat and a black backpack.

No one was hurt in the incident and it is estimated

2 thoughts on “Karma: “NO GUNS” Jack-in-the-Box enjoys *another* armed robbery”
  1. They sure are creating a ” warm and inviting ” environment aren’t they ? well for scum bag criminals at least !!!. these assholes better change that policy before someone gets killed. I hope every employee they have quits for their own safety.

    1. I hope their customers realize it isn’t safe to go there and take their business elsewhere.

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