The not-so-nice folks at Target seem prepared to cave to former Mayor Bloomberg and his paid-for Moms who Demand Action (go to a singles bar, ladies).

Sources are telling us, from about every direction, that Target is looking to prevent a repeat of the Open Carry Texas jackwagons bringing rifles into their stores again.

A Facebook screen grab of Open Carry Texas members carrying their rifles in a Texas Target store. Nice job, boys.

Unfortunately, they aren’t stopping at kindly asking folks not to open carry in their stores.

The corporate policy set for adoption would preclude anyone except on-duty law-enforcement from carrying in Target stores.

In other words,  they don’t want our business.

Here’s what our friend Mr. Kubicek over at Days of our Trailers has uncovered:

Target To Ban Guns?

It’s looking likely.

From this and chatter from the undersphere, it’s looking very likely that Target may cave to pressure from the Bloomberg mommies and ban all forms of carry in their stores.  It certainly didn’t help that they were highlighted by OCT to ‘normalize’ open carry as well as the jack-hole who left a loaded gun in the toy aisle.

If you shop at Target, here’s the way to get ahold of them and encourage them to stick w/ state/local laws on carrying:


Phone: 1-800-440-0680

Pass this on.  We’ve had enough PR losses due to this and every one means more money in Shannon Watt’s pocket.


What do we do if and when this happens?

Shop elsewhere.  Save your receipts and mail them to Target headquarters.  Let them received a million dollars’ worth of Walmart, Meijer, or other competitors’ receipts, along with a “NO GUNS = NO MONEY” card.

Send a short, handwritten note.

“I used to be a Target customer.  I *might* come back if you take down your “No Guns” signage which makes your store an attractive target for violent criminals.  Until then, as you can see, I’m taking my money and my family’s safety to your competition’s store.  Hugs and kisses.”

Of course, nothing bad every happens at a Target store, right?

Security camera footage of a stranger abduction at a Target store in Texas.
13 thoughts on “TARGET SET TO FOLD: Target doesn’t want your business”
  1. Haven’t been real impressed with Target since talk of their leftist-friendly charitable giving. Didn’t they also ban Salvation Army bell ringers at Christmas?

    I reckon I’ll dash off a note if it would help.

    Frankly, they could close the entire chain and I wouldn’t feel any loss.


  2. E-mail them.
    But CALL too. A call requires a real person at TARGET to talk with you. It takes 3-5 minutes of company time. It makes a bigger impression.

  3. Target has given significant amounts of money to anti-gun groups in the past. They were already leaning this way. MDA is picking the low hanging fruit and using the press to make it seem like a major win.

  4. Target succeeded in losing my business months ago as a result of their loss of credit card information. This brings me to the jolting realization that there is actually a place more disgusting to shop in than Walmart!

  5. I just called the 800 number. I spoke with someone who definitely used English as a second language. I honestly don’t know if she understood what I was saying – even though I used small words and spoke slowly.

  6. Watching the open-carry asshats try to “win people over” is like watching Republicans try to win elections.

    Intentions, theory, “bright ideas”, your warped version of reality … it doesn’t matter. Look at the results. When you consistently snatch defeat from the jaws of victory it’s time to try something different!

  7. When my legally concealed carry firearm is allowed then I will move my prescriptions elsewhere. If my rights aren’t recognized then my money isn’t allowed in either.

  8. They will never see another dime from me, I will not risk getting raped or robbed in their dimly lit parking lots because of feel good “NO guns” BS.

  9. You know, the situation is way worse than just Target. Every company I work for or have worked for had some bs lawsuit paranoid, no guns policy that is complete crap. There is no escaping the elitist mindset that people who hold the wealth in this country have. When the left starts putting political qualifications onto how you make a living or where and how you can buy your food, it is time to be more decisive in how one is dealing with that situation because it’s just frog in the boiling water kind of deal. I think I finally understand how some people living in Germany in the 1930s felt as the world darkened around them and I can now also understand how easy it is to live in denial about what is going to eventually take place.

  10. Just sent this:

    My family loyally shops at Target every few days. If rumors are true that you are considering a corporate policy change that will prohibit law abiding citizens from legally carrying sidearms in your stores, I would advise against it. I have two beautiful daughters and a beautiful, young wife pregnant with my third. I also have a God given, constitutionally protected right to defend them. I work very hard for my money and have been happy to spend a considerable portion of it in your stores. I receive your text messages on my phone (too early in the morning by the way) and purchase from all of your departments. In short, I am an ideal customer. However, if this policy change does go into effect, I will immediately become an ex-ideal customer. You stand to alienate a far larger and more engaged group of people than you would appease by doing this. My recommendation? Follow State law. Nothing more, nothing less. Stick to providing goods and services and leave the social engineering to the people with too much fear in their hearts and too much time on their hands.

  11. I have a Target to the left of me and a Meijer to the right… I have not set foot in Target in months, nor will I in the future…

  12. I stopped trading with target when they threw out the military at Christmas and the “Toys for Tots” program. Do not support children at Christmas or our military? Really?? Not a penny has been spent there since!

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