Shannon Watts – aka Shannon Troughton – is not only an Obama donor and advocate for leftist causes, she’s also delusional:

In an interview with CNN in recent days, Shannon Troughton-Watts was set up to comment on Wayne LaPierre’s observation that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  The host asked, paraphrasing:  “Has there ever been a case when a bad guy with a gun hasn’t been stopped by a good guy with a gun?” (Tune to about 7:20 for the relevant question.)

She denied that bad guys are stopped by good guys with guns:  “It has never happened. Data shows it doesn’t happen.”

Really now?

She prattles on to say that a gun in the hands of a woman is more likely to be used against her.

Uh huh Shannon.

Name a few examples, Shannon.  Because women use guns pretty regularly to thwart crime.