Hero Jon Meis is escorted from the crime scene by investigators.

The young man and college student who wrestled down a shotgun-wielding killer as the maniac attempted to reload to continue his spree killing at Seattle Pacific University is one us us.

He is a shooting enthusiast, NRA supporter (we’re sure someone’s bought him an NRA life membership by now) and church-going good guy all around.

And, as one commentator noted, despite clinging to his guns and his religion, he’s hardly a bitter man.

Jon Meis and Kaylie Sparks (via Facebook) are set to be married on June 21.

The guy’s gonna have a really cool wedding in less than a couple of weeks, thanks to well-wishers who appreciate what he did to save countless lives.

(NBC News) – The student hero who police say subdued a gunman and prevented a wider killing spree at a Seattle college this week hasn’t spoken publicly about his actions that day — but the Internet sure has, and it’s putting its money where its mouth is.

As of Saturday, an online fundraiser had raised more than $23,000 for Jon Meis, who is apparently engaged and has an open wedding registry. The registry was found by members of the popular Internet site Reddit and quickly made the rounds online.

Meis, a student building monitor, pepper-sprayed alleged gunman Aaron Ybarra during Thursday’s shooting spree on the campus of Seattle Pacific University. A 19-year-old student was shot dead and three others wounded.

As the wedding’s gift registry has been completely bought out, someone else started a Honeymoon fund for the couple on “Go Fund Me“.

It’s now approaching $50,000.

Screen grab as of 0930 Monday. Click on the image to visit the page for the latest on the amount raised – or to donate.

Meis is keeping a very low profile.  His family has asked for privacy as he copes with the aftermath of the attack.