More details are coming to light about the married couple who launched a politically motivated attack with the words “Tell the police the revolution has begun”, killing two police officers in Las Vegas as they were at lunch.

The couple are now being described in the latest reports as meth using whack jobs who sought to killed police officers.  The cop killers believed in white supremacy and conspiracy theories – hardly your prototypical Tea Party members.   Initial media reports suggested they were affiliated with the Tea Party because they draped one of the dead cops in a Gadsden flag.  The Gadsden flag of course means “Tea Party” to Tea Party critics.

In reality, the couple claimed they were kicked off the Bundy Ranch last month, according to one neighbor who said the male half often dressed in camo or as his “street performer” role of Peter Pan and “rambled” about conspiracy theories. He believed they were meth users as well.

Another neighbor described them as militant, talking of killing cops.

Also of note, after killing the two cops, the meth heads went to Wal-Mart.  CNN is now reporting that a concealed carry licensee confronted the male half – not noticing the female half.  Shots were exchanged and the concealed carrier was fatally wounded by the female half.

The encounter with the armed civilian slowed down Mr. and Mrs. Meth Head, allowing additional innocents to escape out other exits.

As is the case so often with these spree killers, they killed themselves when faced with armed resistance.

Too bad they didn’t off themselves before they even began their evil scheme.

6 thoughts on “HARDLY TEA PARTY MEMBERS: Vegas cop-killers were meth-head whack jobs”
  1. They were at Bundy’s with the rest of the idiots. They’re teapukes all the way. Losers with guns. “fight for freedumb and liberty” but to them, the only ones with rights are themselves and apparently that means they can do whatever they want with no consequences. Complete teanut philosophy. gunnuts need to be jailed!

    1. Except they were asked to leave the Bundy’s ranch, and if you were able to comprehend what you read they were not affiliated with the tea party.

      Unfortunately for the gun control side, wishing does not make it so…

    2. Guys, never argue with a dimwhit like Sam derrrrr well. He’s a crack smoking goat lover and he’s offended by the truth.

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