(Guns Save Life.com) – Remarkably, after publicly denying or minimizing reports of roaming groups of black teens robbing and battering random people in the “safe” downtown areas of the Windy City (or ransacking and looting businesses), Chicago’s alcohol-loving Police Superintendent (who as a civilian would likely be unable to get one of Illinois new concealed carry licenses) Garry McCarthy has actually acknowledged there’s a problem at a news conference earlier this week.

In that news conference, he conceded there was a problem with a half-dozen groups of roaming thugs causing mayhem for tourists and visitors to Chicago’s tony “Gold Coast” and “Magnificent Mile”.

His solution?

In short, he wants to “escort” these misbehaving teens around “like NATO protesters”.

Oy.  The stupidity from the rulers in Chicago – aka “Chiraq” – is long and deep.  It b-u-r-n-s, in fact.

That’s going to require a lot of extra overtime, Mein Fuhrer McCarthy.   And the National Guard isn’t going to provide manpower like they did for the NATO event.  And the state and federal governments aren’t going to provide monetary support either.  And if Garry McCarthy isn’t willing to pay overtime, this is going to leave a lot of the city relatively unprotected for criminals in other areas to ply their trade with relative impunity.

Here’s a better idea or two, Garry.

How about arresting these teens that misbehave – with a generous application of Hickory shampoo during the arrest.

Arrest and imprison hooligans who think it’s fun, cool or stylish to swarm innocent people and beat them senseless.

Let’s call their violence for what it is:  senseless and where it’s racist, let’s call it racist.   Yeah, black people can be racist and bigoted too.

Justice should be colorblind.

Tell the race hustlers and community agitators to pound sand when they protest the arrest of uncivilized thugs, claiming “that’s racist”.

Tell the race hustlers to instead address the problem of the self-destructive “hip hop”, “gangsta” culture that’s destroying entire generations of blacks in America.

Let’s streamline the Illinois Concealed Carry licensing process and quit objecting to anyone who doesn’t have a flawless history, but who meets the legal requirements to own a firearm.  In other words, lets get more guns into the hands of good people out in public.

Let’s roll back some of these “gun free” zones like public parks, mass transit, hospitals and similar locations where hoodlums like to ply their trade in or near.

In the meantime, until and unless Chicago adopts common-sense reforms and goes after violent criminals instead of law-abiding gun owners, we recommend to our family and friends that they don’t spend their recreational or business time or money in Chicago.

Chicago isn’t safe. 

Avoid Chicago:  Stay safe.  Stay alive.


Oh yes, NBC Chicago just can’t quite report reality in their “politically correct” reporting, so we’ll do it with our addition in red font.

(NBC Chicago) – When small groups of teens took to Michigan Avenue over the weekend, Chicago police employed a tactic that was used two years ago when demonstrators protested the presence of world leaders in the city, police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Tuesday.

“We escorted [them] around, basically like NATO protesters,” he told reporters, calling the tactic “effective.”

“You all know what happens during the summer months on Michigan Avenue. We have a strategy to prevent these mobs of kids from coming up and causing mayhem downtown.”

Chicago’s downtown areas in recent years have been plagued with incidents of “wildings,” in which groups of [black] teens intimidate [non-black] pedestrians and, at times, assault and rob them.

12 thoughts on “CHICAGO WILDINGS ACKNOWLEDGED: Chicago Police Chief addresses black mobs attacking random strangers”
  1. It’s more like aka “Chitcago.” Haven’t been there in some time, and make no plans to, unless absolutely unavoidable. Have far better places to spend our money.

  2. These are corrupt, incompetent politicians in an impossible situation. Their ideology has failed. They have no new ideas. They will do anything to maintain their own power/position.

    Look at the demographics – people are fleeing Cook County:


    They can’t meet their pension obligations. They are losing their tax base. They can’t protect their citizens. They are well along the path to insolvency.

    The only problem is that they have a stranglehold on rest of Illinois and will continue to suck the life out of the this state.

    My wife and I stopped going to Chicago 3-4 years ago. We’ve never looked back.

  3. I hope to never set foot there again. I canceled my plans to go to the Chicago auto show this spring I am sad to say.

  4. I surely am glad Garry didn’t die of a heart attack before he put his foot in his mouth again.

    Let’s hope he lives a long and prosperous life, along with Joe Biden.


    1. Thats cute.

      Do you know anything about this subject? Do you work or live there? Have you talked to the victims and perpetrators of these crimes?

      Thats my job, and has been for over two decades. I am far from racist, but I wont waste energy proving that to a troll. I was working on the west side when you were in second grade or younger.

      What goes on in these most violent neighborhoods is poverty of the soul. Black males who have no expectation of success, and genuine, well founded fear of it. Failure is embraced and familiar, success carries risk. If you make good money, people have their hands out. If you have cash, you are a target. Being broke and having nothing is safe…. and not George Bush’s fault.

      The talented, the smart, and the successful in these areas all have one thing in common. THEY LEAVE. So it concentrates the problems even more. Kids don’t have dads….and no one to tell them NO when needed. The cycle continues, and no ‘program’ is gonna change that.

      Eric Holder says its about time we have a conversation about race. Thats a two way street buddy, a white guy who is there every day has a few observations to share.

      As for you troll…. unless you have some sincere questions or ideas about how to save yet another generation of black men, I suggest you keep your sniping to yourself. Your comments help no one.

    2. Ah, nothing like an ad hominem attack when you can’t win the discussion on merits.

      Way to go, Michael.

      The race card is no good here, son.


  5. I am in the west side neighborhoods due to my job. Currently the evenings from 7-10 have 3-6 cops on foot in the most ‘active’ areas to keep order. They don’t even have cars. It is plain to see that the cops feel exposed out there with no mobility. But they are there as ordered…It’s all about keeping a lid on the body count, and the politics revolving around keeping the tourist money flowing….

    Calling this racist is cute, but the reality is that its not Koreans or Irish that are involved, it’s black males between 14-30. To pretend otherwise is more racist! It’s a culture that celebrates stupidity and violence, and inflicts is mostly on other blacks.

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