“Oh, he’s just got a knife,” the uninformed and uneducated will say of an assailant armed with an edged weapon.  “It’s not like he had a gun.”

In training courses, we teach that a man armed with a knife within 21 feet of you is considered just as much a threat as a man armed with a firearm.

Why is that?

Because most folks can’t draw and put shots on target before the bad person can be on you.

And bullets – like guns – aren’t a magic talisman.

Bad guys can take a long time to lose consciousness after being perforated.

Here’s a video one of our readers sent us.

It’s graphic and gory.


TACTICAL FAIL: One cop is flat-footed and less than 12 feet away from an irrational suspect armed with a large knife.


The fellow in the tan is upset ex-boyfriend, angry that his former girlfriend has a new love interest.  The cops are sent to confront him – and somewhere along the line, he produced this rather substantial chef’s knife.

The cops, rather casual and care-free in their approach and negotiation with the suspect, were utterly unprepared when he didn’t submit to their commands and instead attacked aggressively.

The police, armed with pistols, were either poorly trained or failed to have the proper mindset when engaging this man who was armed with a knife and a willingness to use it.

They paid dearly.

Several got slashed up and one got dead – all in the space of less than 30 seconds.  Things begin going south at roughly 4 minutes into it.  The slashing action starts at 7:20ish, right as the moron carrying a rifle in one hand and a machete in the other climbs over a fence just a few feet from his soon-to-be killer.


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  1. Good example. It’s called the Tueller Drill, Andrew Branca teaches about it in his Law of Self-Defense book and seminar. Explains that it’s essential to demonstrate prior knowledge of it as evidence in court, should you have to defend yourself against someone with a knife.


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