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Wilding Popping Up Again
The media has embargoed this stuff, but our readers strive to keep everyone aware:

If anyone listened to zone 4 last night they would have heard that the boyfriend of a young couple was hospitalized after getting the shit beat out of him at Van Buren and State by a couple “urban” youths. That multiple car and store windows on North Michigan Ave were smashed by “urban youths”. That there was a massive fight between “urban youths” on the Red Line platform at State and Lake that shut down the line. That there were multiple thefts of purses, laptops, phones, etc. by groups of “urban youths” celebrating the holiday.

Golly gee, those “urban youths” sure know how to have fun. Rahm, you’ve done a wonderful job of making the downtown area so family friendly and inviting. I can’t wait to bring my friends and family down to experience the great urban culture that is Chicago!


3 thoughts on “WARNING: “Urban youth” wilding, stealing in downtown Chicago”
  1. Well public transportation is a GFZ so the riders can rest assured that the gang, err, urban youth that attacks them in multiples will suffer no injuries. way to go Rahm and drunken failure McCarthy !!!!!

  2. These punks who rob people on the CTA are seldom caught. Those that are caught are sometimes prosecuted if the witness wants to waste days in court, those that are found guilty are given probation, and those that screw up probation are seldom punished as the system is full and the money has been pissed away on other things!

    Criminals are not static. If the odds are good they can steal two iPhones a day, and make a hundred each, why work?

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