Last week’s mass murderer from the University of California Santa Barbara penned a diary/journal of sorts, detailing his scheming to exact retribution on his enemies.

In it, he acknowledged the deterrence value of the presence of good guys with guns.

Check out this nugget from CNN’s reporting on the contents of the loser’s “manifesto”:

He would also avoid Deltopia, a spring break celebration that draws thousands of young people to party in Isla Vista in early April. “I saw that there were way too many cops walking around on such an event. It would be impossible to kill enough of my enemies before being dispatched by those damnable cops,” he wrote.

So, where did this narcissistic, socially retarded scumbag go?  Did he go to a police station or public shooting range to begin a rampage?  Hardly.

After slashing and stabbing his house-mates to death, he proceeded to the “No Guns” campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Where his elaborate plan was to slay an entire sorority.

Ironically, if he thought one or more of those girls at that sorority house were armed, he wouldn’t have even come to the door.

Thankfully, he wasn’t bright enough to force entry on the sorority house after being thwarted by a locked door.

If my daughter lived at that sorority house, I wouldn’t count on the locked door to stop the next lunatic.


One thought on “MASS MURDERERS AGREE: Good guys with guns deter attacks”
  1. Evil doers may be crazy evil, but they are not totally crazy. Their mission is to do as much damage as possible, then kill themselves at the first sign of armed resistance.

    Good guys with badges are not the only good guys in the world. Let’s let all good guys carry their pistols in ANY place where a bad guy might bring his.

    Being defenseless is not a morally superior position. I will not disarm to make some lefist feel good. I will carry my gun everywhere I lawfully can because it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.

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