Custom sign at “The Pit” did nothing to stop violent armed robbers from walking in and beating employees while robbing the place. Thanks to Sean at NC Gun Blog for photo.


So, the owner of a new barbeque place in North Carolina, Greg Hatem, posts his establishment “NO GUNS” with a custom-made sign designed to make gun owners feel extra unwelcome.

Apparently Greg hates ’em when it comes to guns.

A few days later, some thugs figure it’s a good spot for a hold up and not only commit an armed robbery, but they beat the employees as well.  Be sure to mosey on over and check out the surveillance video of the attack.  The media described the vicious attack by three armed black men in hoodies who terrorized the staff.  One staff member was taken to the hospital.

The anti-gun owner, Greg Hatem, is offering a $2000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Hey Greg?  Free advice.  Take the sign down and you’ll better “take care” of your employees and customers.

Sean Sorrentino wrote this about the restaurant and its signs at NC Gun Blog:

This isn’t just a simple case of some unthinking restauranteur slapping up an anti-gun sign. This is a political statement. He’s very clearly saying “The Legislature bans guns in their workplace, why are they allowing them in mine?” He’s trying to make the case for it being hypocrisy. Well I have three questions for him

  • Does The Pit Authentic Barbecue offer the same level of armed security that the NC Legislature and the NC State Capitol offer?
  • Are there armed police officers hired to stand guard patrolling The Pit Authentic Barbecue the same way there are armed police officers hired to stand guard on the NC Legislative Building and the NC State Capitol?
  • How does your insurance company feel about you assuming the responsibility for the safety of your patrons by prohibiting lawful self defense and banning ALL weapons in your restaurant?

Well stated, Sean.

Oh, and there’s more!  Also via Sean Sorrentino:

Also, his original “The Pit Authentic Barbecue” in Raleigh was the host restaurant for Gabby Giffords’ anti-gun carpetbagger tour last July. They lied to us back then and said “We host all sorts of political functions. We don’t mean to take sides.” Yeah, right.

So the next time you’re in North Carolina, make sure to steer clear of Greg Hatem’s “The Pit Authentic Barbecue” restaurants or you might get a free pistol whipping with your order.

Hey Greg Hatem:  How’s that “NO GUNS” sign working out for you and your employees?

6 thoughts on “KARMA: Business posts new “NO GUNS” sign; robbed within days, employees beaten”
  1. Here in Illinois, if the sign doesn’t meet the standards adopted by the ISP, I ignore the sign.

  2. I’m with you, WJensen. Although, I must say, if I an conduct business at a competitor, I will.

    I closed out my personal and business accounts at Commerce Bank because of their signage.


  3. If a business posts with a non-compliant sign they have still sent the message they don’t want my business. Jim.

  4. When I was young, my Israeli-born high school science teacher told us that while he still lived in Israel, a neighboring shopkeeper was robbed at gunpoint. The robber fled out of the shop, followed by the shopkeeper yelling, “Stop him, he is a thief!” (probably spelled differently in Hebrew). Almost everyone on the street pulled out a gun (remember Israel has mandatory military service for all, even women) and held the man, guns drawn, until the police came to arrest him.

  5. my brother just opened a ice cream shop and was thinking of putting up a no gun sign but changed hes mind after reading guns save lifes stories about armed robberys. and now he got an f.o.i.d card

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