A couple of families may have bit off more than they can chew, trying to reach their greedy hands into the deep pockets of Gander Mountain, claiming the retailer failed to consult a psychic to read the mind of a purchaser who allegedly bought guns for her neighbor, a convicted felon.  The neighbor went berserk and ambushed volunteer firefighters as they responded to a blaze at his home.

The suit, filed in New York by the Brady Bunch, may be part of an effort by the Brady folks to reassert their relevance after being eclipsed by the trio of Bloomberg-funded gun control groups nationally.

In any event, Gander Mountain vows a vigorous defense.  We wish them well in defending this suit.


ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A company acted negligently in selling the weapon used in a Christmas Eve shooting that left two New York volunteer firefighters dead, a lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges.

The semi-automatic rifle used by William Spengler Jr. on Dec. 24, 2012, during a pre-dawn ambush in which he killed two West Webster firefighters and wounded two others was purchased at a Gander Mountain store by his neighbor Dawn Nguyen. Spengler couldn’t buy the gun because he was a felon.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence says in the lawsuit filed on behalf of the four shooting victims that Gander Mountain should have realized Nguyen was making a “straw purchase” for Spengler. Spengler accompanied her into the store to buy multiple firearms with cash, all indicators of a possible straw purchase, the suit says.

“The facts suggest that the loss we have endured could have been avoided, if only the store had acted responsibly,” the families of the victims said in a statement.

A spokesman for St. Paul, Minnesota-based Gander Mountain said the firearms were purchased with all the proper documentation and that the individual who bought the weapons “intentionally deceived” the company.

“Gander Mountain, as a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, is renowned for its commitment to safety, its respect for the law and its good standing in the outdoor sporting community,” Gander spokesman Jess Myers said. “We will vigorously defend ourselves in this matter.”

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  1. The Brady Bunch is falling apart, they can add this to the list of failed court cases which will further show the world what a total waste of time they are.

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