Armed security abounds at the Moms Demand Action “rally” in Indianapolis yesterday – all paid for by Michael Bloomberg.

Michael Bloomberg has paid good money to hire Shannon Watts as the leader of his Moms Demand Action gun control organization.

Saturday, during the NRA convention – which was attended by scores of thousands of NRA members – Shannon held a counter demonstration against the freedom that NRA promotes.

The Bloomberg-prostituted Moms Demand Action counter-demonstration wasn’t out front of the NRA’s convention.

It wasn’t across the street from the NRA fete.

It was instead a mile and a half away.

Of course the mainstream media covering the event – and they nearly outnumbered the three or four dozen present.

Also present were some armed security guys who were about as discrete as a microskirt and hooker heels in church.

The “Men in Black” security boys were a nice Bloomberg touch.  (Photos courtesy of Gun Free Zone.)

Unfortunately for Shannon, one of those who did show up was Dana Loesch.

Shannon Watts had at one time accused Dana Loesch of being on the payroll of Magpul.

Dana wanted to ask Shannon about that.

Shannon, looking a little plain-Jane for this event, wasn’t in the mood to answer questions.  Her hired security tried physically bumping Dana away, but that didn’t work.   When Dana persisted, the clearly flustered Shannon repeatedly retreated from Dana, walking away.

For Shannon Watts and her prostituted Moms Demand Action wasn’t the public relations coup they hoped for.

Instead, Shannon came off looking small and petty when confronted with her past baseless accusations.

Dana Loesch tweeted her comments about the rally which were a nice summation of what happened:


Well, Dana, they haven’t been successful thanks to freedom-loving, gun-rights activists and we’re going to make sure it stays that way.



3 thoughts on “Watch Shannon Watts squirm, then flee tough questions Saturday in Indy”
  1. With the Men in Black around we all know who to beam up to the other ship ” Mummies on the corner “.

  2. If those two bullet headed boobs are supposed to be personal protection pro’s then I am the Queen Mother. They are piss poor at situational awareness, as well as REALLY protecting their “un principled PRINICIPAL”.

    By letting their sidearms print and show they violated ALL the CCW rules of Indiana as well as the good practices of REAL personal protection professionals’.

    IOW they sucked the big green weenie. Also by moving on Dana and the other reporter they committed a simple assault and if charged forfeit the right to CCW in Indiana or anywhere else until adjudicated.

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