We’re not much on social media, but this is too juicy to pass up.

First, Shannon Watts, the Moms Demand Action chief, brags of her toughness in a “tweet” promoting her rally 1.4 miles from the NRA Convention in Indianapolis Saturday.  She lives just fifteen or twenty minutes from Indy, by the way.

Oh yeah, did we mention the “tough” moms are holding a counter-demonstration 1.4 miles away?  That’s bad breath distance right there!  Is she afraid the media will see 100,000 gun owners saturating the area around the convention and her merry band of a dozen moms demanding action will look paltry?


Here’s a reply to her tweet:

Oh my.  That won’t buff right out!

Thank you Gun Free Zone!


5 thoughts on “Moms Demand Action comparing themselves to cheap piece of meat”
  1. “Moms Demand Action comparing themselves to cheap piece of meat”

    Well, their name DOES sound like a porn movie…

  2. Moms Demand Action #17 The Innocence of Shannon…..was the worthy sequel to #16, Monsanto Moms Gone Nutty

  3. This… movie… must… be… made! I can allready see the cheesey dialog but wont share as this is a familly site LOL!

  4. So they are a cheap group of people who’s morality can be sold to the highest bidder? (Bloomberg) I I guess Nanny Bloom can afford as many cheap hooker moms as he feels it will take. Hopefully their children have more sense about them.

  5. 1.4 miles?? Well thats still closer than the “free speech zone” BLM set up for the protesters during the Bundy Ranch confrotation……….

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