Kansas Gov. Browback. Photo by US News.

While Bloomberg’s third-graders over at Everytown for Gun Control bluster and posture, the good guys have been passing pro-civil rights bills into law.

Kansas Gov. Sam Browback signed a new bill this week which expanded gun civil rights dramatically.

(Guns.com) – A bill that would overturn city and county gun laws, expand open carry, and speed up NFA transfers was signed into law by Kansas Gov. Sam Browback Tuesday.

The new law will expand open carry in the Sunflower state while speeding up Class III device applications and limiting taxpayer funds for gun buybacks. The bill had previously passed both the state House and Senate by extremely large margins.

Poor Bloomberg.

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2 thoughts on “WHILE BLOOMBERG POSTURES: Kansas passes sweeping overhaul of gun laws”
  1. Yes and what did Georgia do. They can carry almost everywhere !!! Why doesn’t Quinn do the same ????

    1. His nickname is “Clueless”, that says it all! He is the typical “anti-” when it comes to firearms, but you knew that, ehy?

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