Are some throwing up their arms at the rampant violence so pervasive throughout Chicagoland?

Maybe so.

But big-city newspaper reporters and residents are still overlooking key ingredients that have gotten them into this mess:  Democrat machine politics and anti-gun laws which keep the law-abiding defenseless against criminal predators.  (h/t to The Truth About Guns)

Chicago violence: The repetition of horror

by Mary Schmich

April 23, 2014

Members of the Chicago Police department, investigating the scene of a shooting at Marquette and S. Michigan Ave., in Chicago, on Sunday, Apr. 20, 2014. Photo/caption by Chicago Tribune.

Chicago (Tribune) – Two true Chicago stories.

They both happened on the same Sunday in April.

Story one: A teenager pushing a man in a wheelchair down South Michigan Avenue is shot twice in the abdomen in a drive-by shooting.

Story two: On the day before his 11th birthday, a boy riding his new bike in a South Side neighborhood is fatally shot in the head in a drive-by shooting.

Familiar stories, aren’t they? You may think you heard them in the news just the other day.

You didn’t.

I found both of those stories in the Tribune’s archives from Monday, April 25, 1994.

A generation later, what’s changed are the names, the exact addresses, the specifics of the grief and fear, but not the bigger story or the root causes or the blame game.

It’s the guns. It’s the gangs. It’s the parents. It’s poverty. It’s a lack of jobs. It’s culture and family structure and prison policy.


Rand Paul’s not having this nonsense.

He tears into Chicago politicians and the criminals prowling Chicago’s streets in an interview on FoxNews.

3 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Trib reporter blames everything for violence, except the Democratic political machine and anti-gun laws…”
  1. Come on Mary, its all the conservitives fault!!! The dems even have evidence of this! The only reason they havn’t taken any one to court on this is is they can’t find the money to hire lawyers. Apparently they throwing it at all these social programs they have……..

  2. The seeds of gangs and violence began years ago. People bought into Dr. Benjamin Spock’s philosophy about raising children started the social problem we have today. Now the children have taken over and dictates to the parents. No Equal Opportunities, no marrying, shacking up, single parents, and no parents got us where we are today. Poor schools and poor teachers,and no resources for urban schools. Politicians Poverty Pimps helped to contributed to this economic and social mess we are in today. There is a global agenda in progress people.

  3. Someone should sue all of the big lame stream media outlets and require them to post at the top of their papers/web site or at the beginning of their broadcast: “The following is a paid politcal advertisement. It should not be confused with actual journalism.”

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