It’s bad in Chicago.

Really bad.

It’s bad enough that it made headlines at the UK Daily Mail.

Six children amongst 45 people shot in Chicago during bloody Easter weekend

  • Of the 45 people shot, nine were killed
  • Five children were shot as they were walking home from a playground
  • Someone in a vehicle that passed the children asked if they were in a particular gang before one of them started shooting
  • Police recovered 23 shell casings from the scene of the shooting
  • The children ranged in age from 11 to 15
  • So far this year 85 people have been murdered in Chicago
  • In 2013, 431 people were murdered in the Windy City

Nine people are dead and at least 36 were wounded  – including six children – in an especially bloody 48 hours in the gang-and-violence-plagued city of Chicago over the weekend.

Five of the six children wounded – who range in age from 11 to 15 – were shot during a drive-by shooting on Sunday night after a person in the vehicle reportedly asked if the children were members of a particular street gang.

The sixth, a 15-year-old girl, was shot while riding in a vehicle in what appears to be a separate – but also gang-related – incident.


Peaceful co-existence in Chicago is clearly worth the strict gun control we must all endure as Illinois residents, right?

(That’s sarcasm for the “sarcastically” challenged!)

Chicago isn’t safe.

11 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Nothing quite says “Happy Easter” like 45 shot, nine killed on Easter Weekend”
  1. Sadly the anti’s will be soon using this as proof that their need to be more gun control laws and not conceal carry available. They will proclaim they told everyone it would be like the wild west again and are now being proven right.

  2. McCarthy pulled his head out of his rear just long enough to blame the violence on “weak gun laws”. Huh?

  3. Well Rahm and street lite guy. You can be sure not one of these trajadies ?? We’re involving any of US law abiding citizens. Carrying guns with. A foid card and permit

  4. If the 3 piles of dog waste, Rahm, McCarthy, Dart want to do something that would help end this they should all 3 resign. Unbelievable how out of control it’s become all the while the 3 bags of feces are going after law abiding citizens.

  5. Warm weather prompts bad guys to come out and misbehave. This is not a complicated concept. However, for some, it is an inconvenient truth.

  6. Not possibile! Good old Garry said that the reduction in crime was due to his outstainding police work.. This story cannot be true… Or did zgarry lie??? Hmmmmmm…

  7. This happens every year, it’s a function of heat and culture. As soon as the “urban youths” (almost invariably black) get out on the corner, someone has to shoot someone else. But nobody can point out that it’s gang/black culture that creates this nonsense.

  8. Father Pfailyure is blaming the new billboard that shows an (cover your eyes if you’re faint hearted) assault rifle (gasp gasp )

  9. For the anti-gun crowd I offer the following. I am willing to bet that every person who used a gun for violence over the Easter holiday there was at least one LAW that made it illegal for that person to even possess the gun, so please explain to me just how additional laws will make any difference? Where any of the shootings committed with the dreaded, and demonized, assault rifle?

  10. Just my opinion;
    Scrap the stupid FOID card and let people carry guns without a CC permit and lets see how long the Gangs last. It wont happen but until Illinois/Chicago respects the 2A has intended by the Founding Father i dont see their problems ending.

  11. Last time I checked their were laws against shooting at people, and killing people. How is another law going to change anything?

    I see today they want to air condition the Chicago schools.

    Why not air condition the entire cesspool up there?


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